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The Beach Monger: Boracay 31 May 2006

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1Boracay, Philippines

Boracay is considered the most popular beach in the Philippines. It got featured in Discovery Channel’s Lonely Planet. So, seeing a lot of tourists there wasn’t a big surprise. It’s not just the media that brings people there. It’s the reputation that the place has established for itself — the ultimate beach party place. So, word-of-mouth works just as effectively as any advert they’d come up with.

Like I said before, I wasn’t impressed. But I did appreciate the gorgeous powdery, white sand and the clear blue-green water. However, I was longing for the sun when I was there, but since it was raining during some portions of my stay, I didn’t get enough tanning time. It was during the month of December, so, yea… we were there during the Holidays. Anyway, I was able to catch a glorious afternoon and was able to watch the sunset. Woohoo. How romantic. Yech. Ahahahaha.

I did have fun. I wore my Roxy Bikinis, played frisbee, enjoyed Jonah’s shakes and built sandcastles that Demolition Cammy loved destroying. Teehee.

As much as I loved spending time with my family, I’d love to go back to Boracay but I prefer to be with friends so I can party. Hehehe. 😉

Note: I still recommend Palawan. 🙂


Conversations 26 May 2006

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    “It’s funny how you stumble upon something that eventually becomes your life’s passion, huh?” She tilts her head.

It really is magical how some things are so common and seemingly irrelevant yet as you age and look back, you’d realize how the trivialities of life become the core of your being. It, sometimes, comes as a surprise on how you’d get to find out what you wanna do and what you’re really meant to do.

    “…It’s funny how we’re all alive and living life.” He answers.

    “Is it funny? there you are studying the theories and mysteries of life, soon you will be able to unlock it. in time, you will get to feel how it is to be ‘God’ somehow.”
    She spats back, good-naturedly.

Not everyone would stop and consider the greatness of creation nor would really study the science behind it all. But once a person does, it’ll be worth it. I can only imagine what things will be revealed to him or her. It’ll be a great honor to have that kind of knowledge.

    “I guess I can say that I am in the process of finding myself. The practicality of life hinders me in leading the bohemian lifestyle that I somewhat long for.” She laughs.

We do long for the simple and easy life, don’t we? Well, it’s already a fact of life that it’ll never be easy. so what? it makes life far more interesting that way, right? The way you would think of and pray for all your dreams to come true before you go to bed at night; or the poignancy of a moment of success or failure; the emotions evoked by the mere walking on the streets of Manila or by the mere listening to conversations or music in a crowded club. Every simple thing that you’d often overlook would somehow crawl into your heart and remind you that you should find joy in the journey. And in every step you will find pieces of yourself until you become whole.

I’m here again, reminded of missed opportunities. But it’s part of life, huh? I’m looking forward to the fulfillment of a promise, though. The past will serve its purpose. A better me, perhaps? I can only hope. The past few days has been a time of recollection and prayer. I am hoping for the best and I will know the answer in a few days. All I have to do is wait, which is something really hard to do.

500 Books 26 May 2006

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I added a page on my blog, 500 Books. This is to celebrate my love of books. Heh. I’m stating the obvious. Anyway, I just thought it’ll be pretty interesting if I’m able to share the kind of readings that occupy my mind.

I got the idea from Hsien but her list is more thorough. I’m actually impressed that she has a timeline! Of course, the number of books that she has read is pretty impressive, too. Hahaha. When I was looking through her list, I appreciated the opportunity that I was able to get to know Hsien in a way because I was trying to gauge her personality based on her taste in readings. I’m thinking that maybe I’d get you guys to understand me better through the list. Wishful thinking perhaps? I hope not. 😉

Anyway, feel free to check it out. If you have comments and suggestions, do let me know! I’d appreciate your thoughts. 🙂

The end of all pain 23 May 2006

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… from a toothache.

I gave in and went to the dentist last Saturday afternoon. Imagine, I had no sleep, literally, because I work online at night and by the time I’m scheduled to sleep, it was freaking hot! So I couldn’t sleep. Then add the toothache — that’s why I decided to go the dentist instead and end all the pain! Heh.

After that, someone annoyed the hell out of me before actually heading to the theatre to watch the movie I told you I was gonna watch. Bleh. The movie didn’t help much to uplift my sour mood.

Then for the past couple of days, I was sick. Because of the sore tooth and lack of sleep combined maybe.

I’m gonna stop whinging now.

Warning: Ravings of an Angry Woman. 21 May 2006

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A word of caution: If you don’t wish to feel offended or repulsed, I suggest that you move on to another entry in this blog or go read a different one. What comes after won’t be pleasant.


Talk of the Town 20 May 2006

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davinciIt’s the movie, The Da Vinci Code.

They started showing it in theatres a couple of days ago and several people have already come up to me saying that they’re interested to see the movie. Heh. I can’t help but wonder why.

I wonder how many have indeed read the book? Ah, well. Anyway, my mom just informed me that it earned around PhP 11 Million on its first day of showing. Gah. People seem to have responded out of curiosity due to all the controversies surrounding its release in my country. Hahaha. I really wouldn’t be surprised. Filipinos are known to be highly curious about anything — even about things that doesn’t concern them. 😉

ruleAnyway, I’ve read the book and had found it wanting. Friends who’ve also read it, echoed my sentiments and referred Dan Brown’s Angels and Demons for a better read. Hmmm. Okay. I’ll probably give him another chance since I do enjoy reading. But honestly, I enjoyed the book, “The Rule of Four” more. That one has a similar feel to the Da Vinci book but it’s a lot more informative. What makes it better, I guess, is the actual existence of the book by Francesco Colonna, Hypnerotomachia Poliphili, which is the center of the story. They wrote that it was only in the year 2005 that the book was first published in the English language and after reading the book, I did see a copy being sold in a bookshop for a friggin PhP 1500! Ack. Crazy.

Via Matt’s blog, I discovered that they have a quaint webquest for it. Go try it. It’s easy. You can finish it in less than 10 minutes. Hahaha.

Oh, yea. If things work out, I am scheduled to see the said movie tonight. Bleh.

Three Decades of a Recluse 18 May 2006

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A man in search of a dream bourne from a moment’s pain that has been echoing in his mind and heart all this time. His hope that he will reach the end and piece back together the remnants of dashed hopes arising from his waking up to an illusion.

After years of isolation, he faced a reflection or perhaps an opposite of his personality. A mysterious power that draws him toward something that goes beyond his understanding and control. Used to his ways of maintaining control over circumstances to save him from hurt or pain. A man can never be too careful, especially someone who vowed to never bend his principles. An event that requires a blind leap brings a certain unexplainable terror that prevents him from following through. The idea of copping out is far easier and logically feasible rather than staying and letting the mystery unfold.

He arrogantly concluded that he found out all he needs to know. A sign of cowardice, perhaps. However, little did he know that he’s merely reacting to something that scared him. Fears that are fruits of his past, which seemingly has a great hold on him. Confronting something that he cannot control, he chooses to let go. Resorting back to his old ways.

Is this a product of three decades of living a life as a recluse? Believing that he has learned all he needs to survive but refusing to acknowledge that there are still things that he needed to know in order to live. Years that he had spent getting to where he is now is never enough to equip him to make a sound decision in continuing on to the next level. His pre-conceived notions about life, people, love or romance, should be thrown out the window and let his mind be open to exceptions.

Life never works the way we think it would. It will eternally surprise and amaze us. And that’s a good thing. Having lived in a shell or not, that doesn’t change this fact, that much I’ve learned. And no matter how much we try to control our destiny, it is only in death will we find the freedom and wisdom of it all.

“IDT, ta vie telle que tu la connais est finie. Et ne revierdra jamais.. sasha”

And I thought it’s over.. 16 May 2006

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Before I even got back, my mom told me about this woman who was highly interested to meet me. She owns a modeling agency, you see. And with one of my mom’s trips to the salon, her hairdresser introduces them and I guess you can say the rest is history.

As soon as she picked me up at the airport, she asked me if I wanted to stop by the salon so I’d meet this person. My mom claims that this woman was so interested to take me on. I found it funny because she hasn’t even seen me in person! Heh. I just told my mom that I’ll take a raincheck since I was too tired.

Days turned into weeks until come Thursday of last week that my mom came home banging on my door at 6pm, waking me up. Uh, yea. I’m asleep during the day because I work on my blogs at night. Anyway, the woman was in my house that very moment! Ha. Great. She’s going to see me at my best. Fresh out of bed. I was grumpy and being my mean-y self, my mom got a taste of that grumpiness. Man — I just woke up! Heh.

If I could re-schedule it, I would’ve. But since, she was already sitting in my living room, there was no escape. Pffft. So, I washed my face, brushed my teeth and changed my PJs to something presentable. No make up. Ack. Ah, well —

She liked me straight away and scheduled a casting for a commercial the next day. She was even picking me up. Wow. That’s a first. The last agency that handled me couldn’t be bothered to call me for VTRs. They’d just send me an SMS and let me go off on my own. Hahaha.

So, yea — she’s now my new agent. Coolness. We proceeded to talk about potential projects abroad like New York, Singapore, and Australia! Woot! Modeling in Aussie will be awesome! 🙂 We talked about getting fashion eds, ramp projects and her forte, commercials. Hmmm. Sounds good, eh? Well — don’t hold your breath. These things take a long time before it actually happens. It’s going to be a lot of work.


The last time I had a modeling gig was when I did a bit role for a beer commercial like two years ago. And I thought this part of my life was over. I thought wrong. Bleh.

Oh, well. It’s always going to be interesting when it comes to this industry. You wouldn’t know — maybe I’d profit massively from it one day and travel, too. Hahaha. 😉

Philippine Basketball 14 May 2006

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Last Friday, I got free courtside tickets to a PBA game. I’m not the one with connections. I just want to be clear on that. It’s my new agent. She’s friends with a few of the players and she got the tickets specifically from Willie Miller of the Alaska Aces.

I had mixed emotions about going since the only team I’ve ever rooted for was Ginebra/Anejo waaaay back late 80s or 90s… I forget. But since I like adventures and new experiences, I decided — what the hell! Sure, why not, eh? So off I go to watch a basketball game. Well — I actually got to watch two games.

Alaska played Air 21 on the first game where they unfortunately lost. If only they played a lot more passionately and upped their pace and used DEFENSE instead of just acting like they were. And the 2nd game was a lot more exciting and highly resembles the basketball game I know. I was happy to find out that Ginebra was playing. But my heart plummeted when I found that I hardly knew any of the players. Pffft. I recognised the players of the other team, Talk N Text, more than the ones in Ginebra. But I still cheered for them anyway. Good thing cuz they won. Hehehe.

I didn’t expect that I’d enjoy watching the PBA again. I can probably attribute it to the fact that I knew some of the players that’s why I liked it. It’s funny because all these years that I’ve been following UAAP, players like Mike Cortez, Ren Ren Ritualo, Don Allado and Mac Mac Cardona, I know. Now that they’re in the PBA, it doesn’t feel like I’m watching random players but ones that I’ve seen mature in the game.

Does this mean that I’ll be following the PBA now? Uh, I can’t really say. Maybe I will. Maybe I won’t. Let’s just wait and see now, ok? 😉

The Link Leak Virus 12 May 2006

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This blog got infected by the link leak virus!

I’m happily discovering how it’s springing leaks everywhere. Hahaha.

I got it from Liz ME Strauss over at Successful-Blog. I read up on what a link leak is and began scheming and planning how I’m going to infect others. Hmmm.

At first I thought I’d start my shout outs to other b5 bloggers but they’re just way too many. Heh. So, I thought I’d narrow it down to my four Channel Eds — Mother Hen, Grizzly, Resident Hardass and the Supreme Ruler of Dorks. Weird names, eh? Wait till you get a taste of them… they’re even stranger than their names. Hahaha. 😉

Then I move on to listing some of my favourite b5 blogs: Homely Scientist, Six and Out, The After Mac, eBeautyDaily, and Her Accessories. Of course, it’s already a given that I do check the blogs where you can find me writing in: Tops 2 Bottoms, Light the Torch, Dating Dames, and 55 Fiction.

There are moments when I do venture out of the b5 world, which sometimes is hard since there are a lot of blogs I can spend hours in. Hahaha. I like my sister’s personal blog, Karen’s Snippets of Life, Liz’s Letting Me Be, Aaron’s Backstage Pass, Jayvee’s A Bugged Life, Mr. Actual Factual’s In Actual Fact, Ron’s Loosey Goosey, Armi’s Praning, Zoe’s Blowie Blewy among others. Some are friends, some are people I work with and some of the blogs, I just stumbled upon and got hooked.

I wish I have more time to read, though. Sniff. All I can do most of the time are check my email, blog, and do the required research. Bleh. It sucks even more that I have to put up with dial up. Pffft.

Love link ups. Love spreading link love more. More to come. 🙂

I think I need to let Martin know about this as instructed by Liz — uh, or should I? Ah, well.