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Old School Drinking Session 15 October 2006

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gsmWhat classifies as old school, you ask? It’s the kind of drinking session that would include individuals who aren’t your usual crowd [tambay, kanto boys, karpintero] and it’s in a place wherein there are makeshift chairs and a table filled with pulutan, i.e. adobong mani, adobong baboy, corned beef, and several bottles of quadro-kanto.

Tenants are moving in by next month, you see, and we’re fixing up a couple of units in the building. My uncle was in charge of the construction work. The week just finished and they got their week’s salary so they decided to unwind a bit by holding a drinking session last night.

I don’t drink Gin — straight. Never liked the taste. So, when my uncle invited me over, I just told him to buy me a couple of bottles of San Mig Super Dry instead. Heehee.

Hanging out with this bunch was a real experience. My uncle’s loud when he’s drunk, hailing from Batangas and all. And the conversation revolved around drinking escapades that ended up in barangay halls or the lights from the police sirens illuminating my uncle’s bedroom ceiling, finding out that they don’t have enough money to pay for the beers they had ordered, how they didn’t like drinking with men whose wives often tow them back to their respective homesteads and, my favourite bit, the best drinking combo that can guarantee you lifeless. LOL.

Want to know what the combo is? Heehee.

It’s fondly called the VIRGIN COKE. But you got to pronounce it the Filipino way — “beer-gin-coke” LOL.

    1 bottle of beer
    1 Gin bilog
    1 12 oz. of Coke

After finishing it, try standing up. You can still stand up after that, you see. But when you sit back down — you won’t be able to again. It will knock you unconscious! Hahaha.

Ah, well — that’s just second-hand information. I haven’t tried it yet. I’ve to make a mental note to only do this at home! LOL. Who dares to try it with me?

Twas a real experience. I got a glimpse of their lives as construction workers and, of course, as regular people. They have dreams. They have problems. They have families. Their lives are less extravagant than mine but, hey, they deserve the same respect I would give a person who owns his own company. After all, they’re good people who are actually making something out of their lives, which I can’t say for some.

I reckon I need more experiences of the same kind to keep my feet grounded. I almost forgot how much life can teach me if only I keep my mind and heart open. Funny — I used to do this a lot before. I guess I need to re-trace my steps.


Addictions 8 March 2006

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marlboro GOLD Cigarettes.

It’s bad for your health. Like most adverts on telly nowadays say, it can cause lung and mouth cancer [don’t quote me on the latter]. But I’m still hooked on it anyway.


I read somewhere that it’s somehow is good for something, I forget though. But what I know for sure is that it can cause Ulcer. But I still love it anyway.


No, I simply cannot capture it in an image. It’s one of the things lacking in my life right now. I miss it.

Yes. My addictions are Cigarettes, Coffee and Conversations. My three Cs.

Humor Me.
Good Lung. Bad Lung.
Giving up smoking
A beginning and an end

Starbucks Photo © The Parody

Giving up smoking 7 March 2006

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Wendy Cope
[21 July 1945 – ]

There’s not a Shakespeare sonnet
Or a Beethoven quartet
That’s easier to like than you
Or harder to forget.

You think that sounds extravagant?
I haven’t finished yet —
I like you more than I would like
To have a cigarette.

“People who have never been addicted to nicotine don’t understand what an intense love poem it is.” Wendy Cope

Good Lung. Bad Lung. 21 November 2005

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good lung. bad lung.Smoking.

Sadly, I am hooked to it. Please don’t ask me why, I’ll spare you the whole sob story. Teeheehee. But no, it wasn’t peer pressure but I do have my reasons. Anyway, I only picked up the nasty habit a few years ago. I can’t say I’m a chain-smoker but I do smoke 5 sticks on average. Is that bad? Oh, well… I’ve been hit by various kinds of bronchitis, mind you. However, stubborn ol’me, I’m still puffing those ziggies. Crazy, huh?

I do plan to quit one day. Honest. I’m just waiting for that certain something, which I simply refuse to disclose to anyone, to happen in my life then, as sure as the sun will rise, I’ll say good-bye to cigarettes for good. But for now, it keeps me company. End of discussion.

I won’t try to justify the act because it’s pointless. It’s just simply wrong. I’m not talking about morally but I’m merely stating that it’s basically unhealthy. It does literally kills your lungs ergo it kills you. So, you do need your lungs to breathe, right? Stupid question. I’m sure everyone knows how vital that organ is to our very existence so I wouldn’t even bother going into it anymore.

Looking at the photo makes me curious about how my lungs look like right now. Ack. I changed my mind. I’ve decided, I wouldn’t want to know after all.