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Teh BlogCon is the Shizzle! 27 September 2006

Posted by Sasha in Blogs & Blogging, Gallivanting Episodes, The Rambler.

b5media BloggersThe BlogCon paved a way for us b5’ers to meet up. The ones on the photo are Cellphone9‘s Jayvee Fernandez, Simply Thrifty‘s Noel Bautista, and Cancer Commentary‘s Gloria Gamat. All blogs are part of the b5media Blog Network. That’s why we grabbed this chance to get a photo taken. Cool keepsake, isn’t it?

Sasha with Rico MossesgeldI hitched a ride with friend and The Smart PDA blogger Rico Mossesgeld to the BlogCon. Thanks, man! BTW, to all the whispered [and blatant!] speculations about “us” being on a date that night — here’s the final press statement — Twas not a date! “We’re just friends!” [Typical showbiz answer, eh? Nyahaha.]

Bimbo IsidroMa new mate, Bimbo! Major shout out to you! Wehehehe. I’m so glad that I met you. I’m hoping for more blogger meets with you in it!

Like what I already told you, I’m looking forward to seeing your Vespa in person! Teehee.

Gloria GamatGloria! Why art thou liveth in Bicol?! Waaah. I wish you live nearer so we can share more nights filled with bottles of San Mig Super Dry. [Hint! Hint!] I know I can get selfish sometimes. Hahaha.

Abe OlandresAbe, I shall call you — Teh Godfather! And we are your Yuga-minions. Heehee.

So, what do you say?

Anyway, that was some fine gig you set up for the Filipino bloggers! Woot! Tis the shizzle! We want an encore! Heehee.

Elber CruzYou’re way cool, Elber! Thanks for letting me use your Canon 350D! Twas a real treat! Had Matus let me surf properly, I wouldn’t have talked to you! I’m such a snob, aren’t I? Hahaha.

Jonas DiegoAlas! We finally meet, Mr. Jonas Diego! Heehee. I didn’t recognise you at first but the name tag helped. Hahaha. I wish you stayed a bit longer, though. And why, oh, WHY are you surrounded by women? Hahaha.

Of course, I did get to see familiar faces cuz I already met them on a different occasion like my cousin, Chris, [Wahahaha! Loved your BlogCon post, by the way!] and Markku.

And I did get to meet other bloggers

Clair – who mistook me for my sister. Heehee. Tis all good, though. Quite understandable. Eh? Is it? I always thought my sister and I don’t look alike. Ah, well. Hahaha. And there’s Jun, who graciously let us crash their table. Hehehe. And Andrei, who was kind enough to come up and talk to me that night.

Rico did a good job on his numbered list describing what happened that night. Ditto on everything except for:

    #5 – since I already know him and he’s a b5’er in my eyes.
    #6 – just 1 Super Dry for me. Sigh.
    #9 – uh, what is a flash drive? Kidding! Kidding!
    #10 – I’m a snob, eh. Nah. Got caught up on talking to Gloria! Hahaha.
    #11 – Who??? Again! I’m ONLY kidding! Teehee.
    #13 – I’m the passenger! Or the backseat driver?! Gimme the wheel, dammit! Muahahaha.
    #14 – Workaholic, aren’t we? Heh. But I did go online, though. Ahehehe.
    #15 – Ha. I slept 30 minutes earlier. Hahaha.

What I got out of it?

Weirdest thing, actually.

It’s whenever I link up, I’m now reminded of Marc. Hahaha.

See? I told you it’s weird.

Anyhoo, were you there and I failed to meet you? Did anyone else have a blast like I did? Come on, you can tell me. Heehee.

BTW, you can click on the photos [incidentally, them photos are courtesy of Elber and/or Jayvee — I just stole borrowed them. Teehee] for a larger view and some more tidbits. Heehee. AND I’m planning to post some more photos. And, oh, can people puh-leeez post some more photos?! I love photos. Heehee.



1. chris - 27 September 2006

you and rico, just friends? for now, maybe? hehehe. nang-iintriga lang. uy ganda ng pic ninyo. bagaaaay…. 🙂

2. theparody - 27 September 2006

Chris: Anuba! Pati ba naman ikaw?! Sabi ngang FRIENDS lang e. For now ka jan. Pffft. You’re just turning the tables on me! Want me to bring up Trini?! Hahahaha. 😉

3. chris - 27 September 2006

hmmm… basta ba aalagaan ka ni rico, at di sasaktan, boto ako jan! LOL!

4. theparody - 27 September 2006

Chris: Waaaaah! You’re my cousin! You’re supposed to be on MY side! Sumbong kita kay mommy at kay Tita… Hmpft! =P

5. jun - 27 September 2006

Nice meeting you Sasha.

We were honored you hovered near us, like an angel. It was my first time to meet bloggers and I was just “feeling” my way around, nakikiramdam, listening. Am still processing what really happened. I have a feeling that we will still the see and feel the ripples of BlogCon 1. We can say we were part of Philippine Blogging history.

PS: As I’ve posted in Rico’s blog: The two of you have CHEMISTRY =)

off topic PPS: Was it easy to get into b5media?

6. Bimbo - 27 September 2006

Hey there!
It was a great night. Glad to have met you, I needed a Thomasian ally against Rico and Marc! hehe.

Friends forever!! 😀

7. Gloria - 27 September 2006

hello Sasha.

i wish i live nearby too. i bet you will show me all the hotspots for beer tasting!!! don’t wori there’ll be more blogcons coming and more cebu pacifc plane fare promos…;-)

he he. i was really FUN and great meeting you.

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9. driver ng bayan - 27 September 2006

I’m not really sure anymore which pics are Jayvee’s and which are mine, but I guess it doesn’t matter at this point. Matus was messing with you ‘coz in general, electronics like me. I’m pretty fond of them too (spoken like a true geek).

Anyway, it was nice meeting you. I’d tease you about your “date” too, but I can see you’ve got a number of comments on that topic already. Instead, I’ll say this much – napaka-showbiz naman ng sagot mo!

10. Rico - 27 September 2006

Ehem… you were saying Chris? 😛

Next BlogCon you’re driving Sash! 😀

11. clair - 27 September 2006

*embarrassed blush* I am not very good with names and faces… Ara~ Peace ^_^v Is Chris your cousin? Interesting… ^_^;

12. GAiL - 27 September 2006

ugh. we didn’t get a chance to talk again!!! 😦

13. chris - 27 September 2006

wow… sasha…. seems your love life is all abloom ha. not just your blogs pala…

hey rico, pakabait ka. 🙂

ang kulet ko! hahaha!

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16. Jonas - 27 September 2006

Next time, Sasha. 🙂

Me? Surrounded by women!? Riiiight! Ha ha ha! 😀

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18. Noel Bautista - 27 September 2006

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19. noemi - 28 September 2006

Though I didn’t get to talk to you, I found your smile so captivating.I hope we can talk in one of our future meets.

20. theparody - 28 September 2006

ALL: This was so cool you guys! I’m SO surprised with the sheer number of comments! I feel soo loved! Hehehe. Thank you, people!

So on with the personal responses —

Jun: Sharing this blogging history with you or not, I won’t forgive you for saying Rico and I have “chemistry” Hmpft! [I prefer physics, thank you very much!] But I will since you said I “hovered like an angel” Naks! 😉

About b5media, it’s basically the same with most blog networks. You apply when there’s an opening! Heehee.

Bimbo: BIMBO! I’m so glad to see you stop by my blog! Heehee. Yes, FOREVER! We, Thomasians, should stick together against them Atenistas like Rico, Marc and don’t forget Abe! Muahahaha.

Gloria: Yes, I will! You’ll probably get sick of me cuz I’ll be dragging your arse all over the place. Hahaha. AND I’ll be expecting that you’ll do the same when we take that roadtrip to Bicol in Abe’s Adsense-car. Wehehehe.

21. theparody - 28 September 2006

Driver: I already told Rico that Matus is female and she prefers men handling her. Heh. [Matus did it again kanina!] And about my response on this whole date issue — It was not a date! How many times do I have to say it for everyone to believe me? Waaaaaaah. 😦

Rico: Next time, separate cars na nga lang. /sighs

Clair: Like I said, no worries! Hahaha. If you hadn’t said anything I wouldn’t have met you diba? And yes, unfortunately, Chris [the same guy who has been teasing me] IS my cousin. Pffft. [Just messing with you Chris!] Are you the same Clair na naging student nya? Anyway, I hope to see you around more often. 🙂

Gail: TRUE! I was actually looking for you! Next time, okay? Hahaha. 🙂

22. theparody - 28 September 2006

Chris: Tama ka! Kuleeet! =P

Jonas: I’m banking on it! Yes, YOU. That’s why I wasn’t able to talk to you kaya.. 😦 But, at least, you were kind enough to say buh-bye before you left. I appreciate it! AND you’re promising me a next time so it’s all good. 😉

Noemi: Awww. That’s so sweet of you! You really think I have a captivating smile? *schemes on how to take advantage of it* Thanks, Noemi! I’m looking forward to the next opportunity we can meet cuz I’d love to talk to you, too! I promise not to let shyness get the better of me. Heehee. Incidentally, ever considered adopting? ME perhaps? Heehee. Was thinking that some of your good fortune will rub off on me. Hahaha. Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

23. theparody - 28 September 2006

To ALL who linked up: THANKS, people! It’s a huge compliment! Don’t be a stranger, alright?! Heehee. 🙂

24. Rico - 28 September 2006

I got one word for you Chris….


Sasha: Sure thing, lol. 🙂

25. markku - 28 September 2006

You and Rico look good together. Not that I’m suggesting. 😉 Hahaha.

Kaya pala he was talking a lot about you nung band of bloggers in tagaytay

26. theparody - 28 September 2006

Markku: Waaaahh. Not funny. Pffft. 😦 Not suggesting daw o! You’re feeding this “chism” pa e! Heh. Aha! Don’t make me bring out my ammo against YOU! I know YOUR secret! Ha. Muahahaha. =P

27. chris - 28 September 2006

what, markku, rico was talking a lot about sasha while you were in cool, breezy, romantic tagaytay? did i hear pining for her? hahaha! PEACE, rico, sasha… gumagawa lang ng chismis. viral marketing nga ang blogging di ba? hmmm… tingnan natin kung kumalat ang chismis na ito. experiment lang 🙂

rico-sasha… hmmm following the trend of calling hollywood couples with combined names (brangelina, tomkat,…), we can choose among: ricosash… sasharix… sharicomambo… take your pick guys!

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A Life Of It’s Own

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I checked my old Sonnie’s Porch, I have not been updating the site since I moved t…

29. theparody - 2 October 2006

Chris: What a way to venture into viral marketing. Pffft. How long will this experiment of yours will last I wonder? =P

30. chris - 2 October 2006

wait till the next blogger meet…. 🙂 hehhe.

31. theparody - 2 October 2006

Chris: Whaa–?! Ah, well. We’ll see. Hmpft. 🙂

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