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Giving Compliments to Bloggers 13 September 2006

Posted by Sasha in Blogging Gadgets, Blogs & Blogging, The Neo-Blogger, The Rambler.

As a blogger who started with just raw writing skills and mediocre tech skills, I’m amazed with what I’ve learned in the past 2 years. Ack. 2 years?! Who would’ve expected that I’d take blogging this seriously! Hahaha. What started out as random musings documented in my Multiply blog became a growing ripple of conundrums that stretched to a broader spectrum. I found myself plunging into the abyss of amateur blogging at Blogger with a Lifestyle blog and a Dating Blog, both taking on a personal tone on the topics. Then came my Fashion blog with it’s own domain, which fortunately became part of b5media. Catapulting me into the world of problogging.

WTF?! What do I know of HTML, blogging platforms, SEO, template designs and Technorati? But, hey, with a bucket of patience, a barrel of hardwork and with humongous help from Google, I was able to learn enough to survive. Heehee.

But I still do worry about not doing this blogging thingie effectively. [It is work, after all!] 😉

So, when I found out that I’m somewhat using Technorati tags “quite well” at Tops 2 Bottoms, I was so happy! What a compliment! It means I am doing something right. Hahaha. 🙂

And, of course, for every blogger, compliments are not just adjectives directed to physical attributes [uh, cuz we’ve only got machines connecting us?], but, more importantly, it’s the links, i.e. a link post at The Smart PDA to T2B‘s Armani-fied. However, telling us that we write well and we’ve successfully covered a useful topic for you, ranks all the same. Personally, I immensely enjoy seeing you guys leave a comment on my posts. It just shows that you want to interact with me and the rest of the readers of my blog! It’s so cool!

Bloggers are so easy to please, eh? Well, alright — at least, this blogger, that is. Hahaha. [I guess some can be such snobs. Heehee. Don’t worry. I’m one of the nice ones. :)]

So, remember — compliments are always welcome [Hint! Hint!] and keep the comments coming. 😉


Dealing with Akismet 14 August 2006

Posted by Sasha in Blogging Gadgets, Blogs & Blogging, The Neo-Blogger.

Earlier, I discovered that I can’t post any comment on my own blog. It puzzled me. But I just decided to move on and continue with my usual blog-hopping. When I tried leaving a comment at Liz’s, nothing happened. I tried it again. Yea, you guessed it — nothing. Arrggh. So, I went back here to figure things out.

Rico was online at that time so I went ahead and bugged him. He told me to clear the cache, I thought of running the AV and AB, and, of course, he made me do the classic re-starting of the PC. Not much help, really. But he patiently looked — interlaced with hearty WTF exclamations — at every possible angle, save one. That one thing was the thing I figured it out on my own in the end.

I found all my comments in the Akismet spam box [note: this garnered a fresh wave of WTFs from Rico]. I felt so confused and helpless.

What the hell was going on?! How am I suppose to fix it? Pffft.

Later on, when I mentioned it to Matt, he also tried to help me out. But we all know that there’s nothing much we can do but to simply get in touch with the people behind Akismet so that they can fix it. Well, that’s where my channel editors step in because, sadly, even my b5media blogs are affected, too. [Thanks in advance, guys!]

Anyway, Liz and I had this very interesting — and really funny — email conversation about my Askimet experience.

Hi Sasha! Your comments went to Akismet. i only kept one. It’s there now.

Hi, Liz! I thought so. I’m currently having problems with it. Akismet likes my comments so much that it eats up even the ones I leave on my own blog. Sigh. I don’t know how to fix it. Grrr.

I was having that same problem… Akisment was eating my own comments too.

Hahaha. Imagine my frustration but Rico was with me every step of the way. However, it was me who figured things out in the end. Hahaha.

I can imagine your frustration. As you know it’s even more fun, when you can’t find your own comments on your own blog!

True. But I guess I have to deal with a bit of extra work for now. It’s a bit ironic, actually. Just after we talked about how to encourage more comments and this happens, eh? Hahaha. Ah, well.

Akismet, just asked if you would pass the condiments, please.

I’m a bit slow on the uptake. That’s a joke, right? Hahaha. I’m holding onto the salt, sorry. 🙂

Yeah, Akismet is still hungry. 🙂

Well, Akismet has to settle for the bland taste. Heh. For now, think of Askimet suffering from bulimia. 🙂

I’m still laughing at that one. Perhaps we should get Akismet a mirror.

Shweeet! Or perhaps we can call Dr. Phil?

Wonder whether Dr. Phil would interview Akismet on his radio show?

Nah. It’ll be hard to understand Akismet’s words if the mouth’s full, right?

That one got me. LOL. Akismet probably has some weird WordPress accent anyway. speaks in code I bet.

Totally hilarious!!!

Well, I’m cutting it short. I reckon you already know where the conversation was going.

Oh, Liz! Thanks for the comical relief to an otherwise irritating situation. It just proves just how nice you really are! First was my being one of the Successful Blog SOBs, now, making me laugh through this Akismet issue. Hahaha.

Right now, I’m just waiting for everything to be fixed.

/crosses her fingers

P.S. I dare you to continue the conversation. I had a hard time keeping up with Liz!

Having Qumana Problems 9 March 2006

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Yes, Qumana. It makes me feel like a stupid idiot. Heh.

I wrote a couple of entries earlier and it seems to have got stuck somewhere. Bleh. I just want to pull my hair out. Strand. By. Strand.

It’s highly irritating. First, it’s my fashion blog now entries on my other blogs. Argh. I already was working with someone who tried to help me with the kinks but — oh, yes. The problem still persists. Crazy, I know. Pfft.

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On to a new look. Again. 30 January 2006

Posted by Sasha in Blogging Gadgets, Blogs & Blogging, The Neo-Blogger.
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I got pissed with the last theme I used. It went wacko, like I said. So, here. I found a new look that I’m going to try out. Hmmm… I hope things work out between this theme and I. Otherwise, I’ll be forced to transfer this blog to a different host. I really don’t want to do that.

Something’s seriously wrong here. 28 January 2006

Posted by Sasha in Blogging Gadgets, Blogs & Blogging, The Neo-Blogger.
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I’m not sure whether if it’s just my PC or the timing, but my WP blog has gone completely wacko. This should be fine the next time I check it, otherwise, I’ll be very, very — uh, upset? yea! I’ll be horribly upset! Hmpft! =(

MSN & Google Search: Sasha Manuel 29 November 2005

Posted by Sasha in Blogging Gadgets, Blogs & Blogging, The Neo-Blogger.
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Ha! I was just curious when I did a search over at MSN. The Parody™ was at number 1 out of 90,827 results and my blog at Multiply came in number 2.

When I tried to google myself, The Parody™ came at number 1 out of 904,000 results, too! Then if you type my name without any space in between, you’ll pull up my Multiply blog at number 1 out of 149 results, which most, if not all, are referring to my multiply blog anyway. Teeheehee.
I’m just happy about it that’s all. Hehehe.

Utter Frustration with Multiply 25 November 2005

Posted by Sasha in Blogging Gadgets, Blogs & Blogging, The Neo-Blogger.

Aaarrgghhh! This is so annoying…!

I just wanted to update the look of my multiply site when a small blunder occurs [on my part], which is forgetting to close a tag. I’m such an idiot… I know. Sheesh. When I went back to correct this mistake, there it was, everything else was messed up! The button you use to save the updates is now *kaput*. I wish I know more about HTML and CSS so I wouldn’t have to wait on the Multiply people to answer my stupid request.

Grrr.. I’m so frustrated!

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