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The Weekend Retreat 29 April 2006

Posted by Sasha in Gallivanting Episodes, The Traveller.
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Alright. So, I’m not heading to the beach this weekend. Well, at least, for now. But I am going off to one of my country’s provinces that I haven’t been to. I think. Ahehe. As far as I know we’re heading to Quezon Province, at a town called Lukban. Or is it a city? Ah, whatever.

Hmmm. I’ve heard of it before but, like I said, I haven’t had the pleasure of seeing it. Hehehe. That is saying a lot since I’ve been fortunate enough to have had the opportunity to explore the many islands of my country.

I’m leaving in 3 hours. Hahaha. I’ll be gone a good 3 days.

I just realised that I’ve been back a week and I haven’t been to any malls yet. Teeheehee. You have to understand the importance of malls in that statement. People here are pretty attached to the whole concept of malls. Heh. But yes. I haven’t visited a mall since I got back. And now, I’m off to the boondocks. Good, eh?

I’ll be attending a YA Camp, courtesy of my little brother, Arnold. That’s why I’ll be my angel self for his sake. Hehehe. 😉 Anyway, my good friend, Raissa, will be there and a few other friends whom I haven’t really gotten the chance to see for quite a bit now. It’ll be a good chance to catch up on things.

    Objectives for this weekend:

    1. Replenish my tired soul. I plan to discard some memories. Heh.
    2. Mingle with friends, old and new. Activating my charm. Ha.
    3. Have a discussion with God so I can make decisions. Hehehe.
    4. Take photos! Yay!
    5. Paaaarrrtty! I can’t? Ah, well — 😉

It’ll be nice to do something new for a change. I’ll see you guys in a few days!


Despite the Irony 28 April 2006

Posted by Sasha in Sophia's Writings.
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The emptiness seems to fill me
The sadness seems to make me happy
The loneliness seems to comfort me
The irony of life seems to work for me

Is God empty?
Instead, He is the meaning
Does God bring sadness?
Instead, He brings happiness
If God is there, am I ever lonely?
He is omnipresent

God has brought me this far in life.
It may not always be happy
But He’s always there to comfort me.
He is life. Despite the irony.


3 ways to piss off someone 26 April 2006

Posted by Sasha in Dating & Relationships, Mood Notes, The Brooder.
  1. Be brutally honest
  2. Never let up
  3. Put icing on the cake

Add a generous amount of Snarkasm to make things a lot spicier. Hehehe.

Some people can’t take the heat especially if you try to tell them how they come off to you. Hey — I know how utterly irritating I can get especially when I’m in one of my moods, but I know I’m always open for a bit of critique every now and then. It just has to come from someone whom I know I have dealings with.

The reason why I write this — I know I pissed off someone. I’m starting to feel the guilt and remorse because of that.

But then again, why should I be?

I have every right to form an opinion especially on how I get treated, right? I’ve decided that this thing has gone far enough and I refuse to move any further until this person treats me with respect. I did offer an explanation but was refused a conversation. Bloody hell. I reckon if this person wants to set things straight, the least he could’ve done was listen, right?

I’m still open for us to talk but if this person declines, him and I both can live our lives as if the other didn’t exist. I’m sure it’s not going to be a problem for either parties. Ha.

Gah. I really need a cigarette. I’m way too pissed off to concentrate. Bleh.

Getting Settled 25 April 2006

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I arrived around 1 pm [GMT +8] at the Manila International Airport last Saturday. So, yea.. I’ve been around for a good couple of days at least.

I’m still tired since I went by without sleep for the 27-hour travel. I’m dead tired but I’m slowly getting back on track.

I’m having a slight difficulty adjusting to working online, though. I don’t know if I can attribute it to jet lag or something else. I’m having a hard time writing! Grrrr.

I can’t seem to bring myself to concentrate. I’m too restless and sleepy most of the time and my mind’s utterly pre-occupied with other thoughts that I don’t have no room for any fodder for my blogs. Alright. I guess I lack inspiration.

I’ll give myself like a few more days to recuperate. I’m slowly setting up the PC to my liking anyway. Hey — it is just my second day to use it anyway. 🙂

Go Socceroos! 22 April 2006

Posted by Sasha in Football, The Rambler.
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Support the Socceroos-2006

Yes. I am rooting for the Socceroos!

Go Kewell! 😀

Aussie! Aussie! Aussie!
Oi! Oi! Oi!

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Airports, Long Waits and Free Internet 22 April 2006

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What do you do when you’re stuck in an airport for hours on end waiting for your next flight out?

Simple. You wait. Ha.

Sleep? I wish I could.. I’m so tired.

Shopping? Need you ask if I want that?

Read a book? I have, like, 4 books to keep me company.

Listen to your portable music? I’m optimising my mp3’s battery life.

Ah, yes. Free internet. That’s why I got to write this amusing nonsense. Uh — it amused me for a bit anyway.

8 more hours to go.. Aaarrrggh. I’m bored.

I’ll just go find some people to watch and create stories in my head to pass time.

Routine, Control and Pace 21 April 2006

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If everything seems under control,
you’re not going fast enough.
Mario Andretti

With what’s been happening in my life right now and how I normally handle things, this quote certainly nudged me to consciousness and made me think about the pace I should have in terms of living this life.

I’m totally OC about certain things. I like lists, order, rules [ah, well — sometimes.. ;)], and routines. Yes. I am somewhat organised. I always find myself establishing a routine.

For example, let me tell you about the routine I’ve somehow established for a typical day:

  • Wake up
  • Morning toiletries [not too graphic, eh?]
  • Turn on the PC
  • Make tea while I wait for the PC to boot
  • Yosi break [cigarettes. heh.]
  • Open Outlook and 3 Mozilla browsers [Yay for broadband!]
  • 1st Browser: Open tabs for Gmail, The Parody, Tops 2 Bottoms, Light the Torch, and Dating Dames
  • 2nd Browser: Open tabs for 55 Fiction, b5media, and all 4 b5 blogs stats
  • 3rd Browser: Open tabs for variable sites, i.e. b5 forum, Wikipedia, LTT related sites, etc.
  • Work for approximately 5-6 hours online with occasional food and drinks thrown in between. 😀
  • Have dinner [I’ll miss my sister’s roast dinners…]
  • Late night cigarette sessions out the front [I’ll miss this, too…]
  • Quiet time
  • Sleep

No. I’m not kidding. :p

Well, okay.. there’s that occasional interruption or variation but generally that’s how my days have been like, though, winds of change will blow me toward a different direction soon.

Anyway, I’d like to have that feeling of control over things. If or when there’s something that I don’t know, I’d try my best to learn it. Self-sufficient? Dunno. Just one of my eccentricities, I guess.

If I am to gauge the current pace, I’d say I’m definitely not slacking. I really can’t quantify the stuff that has gone haywire. Things aren’t under control — most definitely. It’s all good though. I’m not really in a hurry now, am I? I’m just treading the path c-a-r-e-f-u-l-l-y and continue believing that good things come to those who wait. I’ll weather the storm. 😉

895 posts to go… 20 April 2006

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Gah. I was reminded of a goal I have for this blog when I was tinkering with it earlier.

I guess I have my work cut out for me then.

Enough said. 😉

My Favourite Boy in the World 19 April 2006

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I’m leaving in a couple of days and my thoughts are getting mushy. First, due to all the weird and painful things that my body parts seem to have decided to subject themselves to. Second, one major bad news just came my way. Third, a certain insect has triggered animosity in me and I’m seething just thinking about bumping into him in the virtual world. I just want to beat the sucker into a pulp. The idiotic twat. Pffft. And lastly, I happen to change my sleeping habits in blink of an eye. Ah, well — it’s gonna go wonky anyway with the loooong travel ahead of me. Yes, people. It’s twenty-freaking-seven hours! Not to mention that I am to spend 16 hours of it in an airport. Alone. Aaarrrrggggh.

Anyway, the point for the post is not forgotten. Ha.

cam&tutaThere will be men who will annoy the hell out of me and situations that will irritate me but being with this boy can make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside thus over-shadows the other men. He has the power to make me forget that sometimes I do find him annoying and irritating, too. Hahahaha.

I absolutely adore this photo of ours. I was able to capture Cammy’s “gigil” look, which makes me happy because it means I did something to make him react that way. And it’s great that there’s a football in the photo, too. I really love how the photo turned out. We were at a barbeque held in a park in Kensington and of course, Cam went straight to the playground and I had to come after him to supervise. Hahaha. I like taking photos so I took some. Hahaha. You should see the vain-y photo I took of myself. Uh, no — I’m not gonna post it here. Go check my flickr if you’re really interested. Heh.

If I can collect all the photos we have together, I know it has grown a number. Oh, God.. I think I’m gonna tear up. It might be a while before I see him again so it’s just gonna be photos for me. Sniff. I really am gonna miss this boy. I love this boy to bits. My favourite boy in the world.

It’s just not my day. 18 April 2006

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Bad toe.

Bad news.

Major toothache.

Crappy earphones for my mp3 player.

Pffft. There will always be days like this when things refuse to go your way.

But what really sucked the most is the toothache. It’s just a clear reminder to never overlook a dentist appointment. Bleh. But I really don’t want a root-canal! Oh, the pain!

I realised, though, that I can handle any form of pain but a toothache. It’s merciless. It’s excruciating torture. It’s the kind of pain that’s not inflicted by a third party nor is it self-inflicted. It’s involuntary. But you do have yourself to blame because of careless dental hygiene. Yech.

Nah. I blame the chocolates and coke. Ha.

It’s just not my day. Not my day at all.