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Baghdatis Faces Federer at the 2006 Aussie Open 28 January 2006

Posted by Sasha in Tennis, The Rambler.
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What will the outcome be, I wonder?

They said that Marcos Baghdatis’ rise in the Aussie Open is considered the most romantic tennis story so far in the history of the tournament. It’s been interesting to hear all the things he had said during every interview made after each victory. He’s so warm and candid about his journey. He certainly won the heart of a lot of Aussie fans because of how he draws the crowd in and share his game with him.

A quick 411 on Baghdatis. He isn’t a known or seeded player. He’s a greek from Cyprus. It’s funny how the media always notes that he has a beautiful French girlfriend, who also happens to be a model and the daughter of this coach. I guess they’re quite envious. Hahaha.

It was also said that Federer is sure to win the match tomorrow since it’s quite common for a seeded player to thrash a newcomer during the finals. Will it run true? We’ll see if Bagjdatis’ skills as a tennis player will shine through. I reckon every tennis afficionado will certainly look forward to tomorrow’s match. I’ll be watching it for sure.

Mauresmo beat Henin-Hardenne in the women’s final today. The latter was forced to retire due to a stomach flu, I think. That’s the former’s second win due to her opponent retiring from the match, the first one was against Clijsters during the semis. It doesn’t really say much about her abilities as a tennis player. However, a win’s a win. It’s her first grand slam title.


Australian Open 2006 24 January 2006

Posted by Sasha in Tennis, The Rambler.
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I’ve been watching the Australian Open the past few days and I have to admit it’s getting to be pretty addictive. I’m torn between blogging and watching it. I like watching the women’s tennis more than the men. I found it more exciting so far or perhaps I’m just missing most of the men’s tennis anyway that’s why I haven’t seen a really good game. But I hear Nalbandian is doing good.

I caught the 1st set of the women’s quarter final earlier, Sharapova vs. Petrova. It was a good game between the two top Russian players, Sharapova won. I also saw the game where Hingis won over Aussie’s Stosur yesterday. Hardenne beat Davenport a while ago. So, it’ll be Justine Henin-Hardenne vs. Maria Sharapova in the semis while Martina Hingis has yet to face the current 2nd Seed, Kim Clijsters, to determine who advances to the semis.

Yes, I can be a sports nut if I set my mind to it. Hahaha.