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The Parodist™

a rambler. a brooder. a coffee and nicotine addict. a road warrior. a beach monger. a vintage and muscle car enthusiast. a frustrated musician. a traveller. a neo-blogger. an amateur writer and photographer.


Tops 2 Bottoms
Fashion Blogging From Cool Tops 2 Funky Bottoms


Light the Torch
World Sporting Events. The Olympics to the Commonwealth Games and everything in between.


Dating Dames
The next best thing to a dating instruction manual.


55 Fiction
Fragments of imagination captured in 55 words.


Truth + Travesty
Chronicles the days of a twenty-something single in the sphere of dating and relationships.


Hanging Out
A blog about achieving the laid-back lifestyle.


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1. The Parody™ » First Link for The Parody™ - 26 November 2005

[…] The parodist is grateful. She’s happy about it, you see. Teeheehee. […]

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