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The Link Leak Virus 12 May 2006

Posted by Sasha in Blogs & Blogging, The Neo-Blogger.

This blog got infected by the link leak virus!

I’m happily discovering how it’s springing leaks everywhere. Hahaha.

I got it from Liz ME Strauss over at Successful-Blog. I read up on what a link leak is and began scheming and planning how I’m going to infect others. Hmmm.

At first I thought I’d start my shout outs to other b5 bloggers but they’re just way too many. Heh. So, I thought I’d narrow it down to my four Channel Eds — Mother Hen, Grizzly, Resident Hardass and the Supreme Ruler of Dorks. Weird names, eh? Wait till you get a taste of them… they’re even stranger than their names. Hahaha. 😉

Then I move on to listing some of my favourite b5 blogs: Homely Scientist, Six and Out, The After Mac, eBeautyDaily, and Her Accessories. Of course, it’s already a given that I do check the blogs where you can find me writing in: Tops 2 Bottoms, Light the Torch, Dating Dames, and 55 Fiction.

There are moments when I do venture out of the b5 world, which sometimes is hard since there are a lot of blogs I can spend hours in. Hahaha. I like my sister’s personal blog, Karen’s Snippets of Life, Liz’s Letting Me Be, Aaron’s Backstage Pass, Jayvee’s A Bugged Life, Mr. Actual Factual’s In Actual Fact, Ron’s Loosey Goosey, Armi’s Praning, Zoe’s Blowie Blewy among others. Some are friends, some are people I work with and some of the blogs, I just stumbled upon and got hooked.

I wish I have more time to read, though. Sniff. All I can do most of the time are check my email, blog, and do the required research. Bleh. It sucks even more that I have to put up with dial up. Pffft.

Love link ups. Love spreading link love more. More to come. 🙂

I think I need to let Martin know about this as instructed by Liz — uh, or should I? Ah, well.



1. Liz Strauss - 18 May 2006

Hey, you really are wonderful! Thank you so much.

2. theparody - 18 May 2006

No thanks needed, Liz! 🙂

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