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The Beach Monger: Boracay 31 May 2006

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1Boracay, Philippines

Boracay is considered the most popular beach in the Philippines. It got featured in Discovery Channel’s Lonely Planet. So, seeing a lot of tourists there wasn’t a big surprise. It’s not just the media that brings people there. It’s the reputation that the place has established for itself — the ultimate beach party place. So, word-of-mouth works just as effectively as any advert they’d come up with.

Like I said before, I wasn’t impressed. But I did appreciate the gorgeous powdery, white sand and the clear blue-green water. However, I was longing for the sun when I was there, but since it was raining during some portions of my stay, I didn’t get enough tanning time. It was during the month of December, so, yea… we were there during the Holidays. Anyway, I was able to catch a glorious afternoon and was able to watch the sunset. Woohoo. How romantic. Yech. Ahahahaha.

I did have fun. I wore my Roxy Bikinis, played frisbee, enjoyed Jonah’s shakes and built sandcastles that Demolition Cammy loved destroying. Teehee.

As much as I loved spending time with my family, I’d love to go back to Boracay but I prefer to be with friends so I can party. Hehehe. 😉

Note: I still recommend Palawan. 🙂


The Beach Monger: Port Noarlunga 17 April 2006

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noarlunga Port Noarlunga, South Australia, Australia

One of the most beautiful beaches I’ve seen is this one in Port Noarlunga. On my first visit to Australia, I only got to see this place once but this year, I got to see it twice. It was only that last time did I get to have my photo taken. I want to keep track of all the beaches I’ve been to because I want to document them like this.

I can recall the first time I saw this place, it was windy and a little cold even if it was spring then. They tell me that it’s a great place for body boarding and even, surfing. I haven’t tried either because one, I don’t know how and two, I was chicken shit to wet my toes in the certainly cold surf. I’m sure it’s cold because it’s already cold even when I’m not in it. Ha. It’s a tad bit disappointing though since I am so intrested to give these sports a go. I guess I was just waiting for the “perfect” weather. I know.. excuses. Excuses. Hehehe.

The next visit were just for some strawberry milkshakes at Agatha’s Foodstore and the last one was supposedly for my sister’s birthday lunch at a much recommended Thai resto that offers a great view of the beach and jetty. It didn’t happen. They were only open for dinner, which happened to be like 5 hours away and we were too hungry to even consider waiting. Pffft. Rotten luck. So, yea.. we opted for the nearest Macker’s lunch we can get. Hahaha. But before that I grabbed the opportunity for my beach photo op. Hehehe.

It’s currently ranked at number 2 on my Best Aussie Beach list. It’s only ranked 2nd because I didn’t really get the beach experience I was hoping for but it still is one of the loveliest beaches I’ve ever been to in Australia.

The Beach Monger: Palawan 13 April 2006

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Beaches are my haven.

I can say that it’s a source of relaxation for me. I didn’t use to love the beach because it would mean my skin’s going to grow darker but when I reached my late teens, I found myself falling and falling and falling… Ack. This is becoming too tacky for my taste. Bleh.

Anyway, I just wanted to re-hash all my beach adventures. I wrote something about Boracay, a popular resort island in the Visayas Region of my country, Philippines, a few months back when I went there during the holidays.

Last year alone, I had travelled to a lot of beaches in the Philippines and in Australia. It’s been a fabulous experience. Now, like I said, I’m going to trace my steps back to most, if not all, of the beaches I’ve been to.

First up… Palawan, Philippines.

If I try to count all the islands I’ve seen so far out of the 1700 islands that my country has, I reckon I’ve only covered like around 8% of it. Heh. But that’s not bad considering the number, right? Hehehe.

February 2005.

I went with my family, which consisted of my mom, my younger brother, Arnold, my older brother, Aaron and his wife, Sally. And how can I forget my baby, Mr. Angelo? I miss my teddy. Sniff. Anyway, it was actually a spur-of-the-moment kind of thing because what happened was my older brother was just telling my mom about their plans to celebrate his wife’s birthday on the beach and he was sort of asking me about the beaches I’ve been to [I think..] when I chided my mom that we should come with them. Surprisingly, the couple agreed and said we should all go to Boracay. My mom said yes so, I went to my brother’s house to do some research and made some phone calls to make the arrangements. But I found out that it was way too last minute to go to Boracay but I did find a pretty decent deal for Palawan. I told them about the option and we decided to give it a go. It’s exciting because neither one of us has ever been to Palawan.

I then called my dear friend, Kanch, who lives in Palawan, to let her know that we’re coming over the next day. Boy, was she surprised. She helped me find a good place where we can stay and basically helped us make further arrangements about our trip, like where we can go and see and stuff, which was really wonderful of her. We paid for the plane tickets that night and left early next day.hammock

It was island hopping [Luli Island –the disappearing island, Snake Island, and a few more others], the city tour of the capital, Puerto Princesa [flea markets, Vietnamese Village, and some other place which I simply can’t remember], Dos Palmas Resort [where I just lounged under the sun while they went snorkling and kayaking. Hehehe], Sabang Beach [the best beach ever! The two-hour landtrip over rough terrain was well-worth it!] and yes — the famous Underground River, the longest in the world.

You can see more photos of this trip here.

June 2005.

I went back to Palawan to attend my friend Kanch’s wedding and spend some time with my girlfriends, Raissa, Victoria, and Happy.

It’s our very first time to go on an out-of-town trip together after a number of tries. Hahaha. It was a fantastic time being with them. The wedding was gorgeous. I can’t forget the cake! All my friends were part of the entourage. Well — I would’ve been too but the Aussie plans got in the way and Kanch didn’t want to risk having a no-show for a bridesmaid. But since I was still around, I decided to go anyway. I really didn’t want to miss it in the first place! She was the first in the group to get married.

snakeIt was only after the wedding did we start our real vacation. We initially planned to go to El Nido but some uncontrollable circumstance hindered that from materialising. Pffft. We instead went on the same island-hopping adventure that I did the first time I went to Palawan. We decided that we were going to spend the night on one of the islands.. Starfish Island. I did see a beautiful blue starfish. It was awesome! Loved the sun, sand and sea with a dash of Vodka. Hahaha. It was the trip that launched me as an amateur photographer. I fell in love with the camera and photography. We’re still together and going strong. Teeheehee.

You can see more photos of the wedding here.

And of course, the rest of the photos, here.

By far, Palawan is ranked number one on my list.

Bora’s Finest 17 December 2005

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Truthfully, I wasn’t ‘wow-ed’ by the sight of Bora. Sure it is gorgeous and all but it reminded me of Puerto Galera, Mindoro, Philippines. It’s a lot more wonderful and beautiful, of course. Though, I still love Sabang Beach of Palawan, Philippines. I reckon I prefer them untouched and seemingly, wild and free, and is removed from the usual commercialised atmosphere that most popular beaches now have.

sabang beach.jpgGoing to the beach in December is great and all but it also means taking a risk of a not-so-great weather. Yea, it rained a lot but I was able to catch some tanning time and saw some amazing sunsets.

Bora’s a great place to go to when you want to party so it spells that planning a vacation with friends [particularly, girlfriends!] would be the best bet to get the most out of the time spent on the island. Jonah’s shakes are also worth the trip! =)

*Featured photo is Sabang Beach, Palawan, Philippines.

Meet Mr. Angelo 25 October 2004

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mr. angelo.
my teddy. and yea, he’s a bear [regardless of what other people would say… hmphft!].
this picture was taken last may 2003 when my friends and i went to punta fuego at batangas, philippines.
gorgeous place! beautiful shores and great pools. very chic. twas a fun time. good memories.