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Yuga, Jayvee and WIFI in Mocha Blends BF Homes 24 October 2006

Posted by Sasha in Blogs & Blogging, Gallivanting Episodes.

Call me silly — but, hey, I’m so ecstatic that I’m on WIFI right now. LOL.

It’s courtesy of Abe. Hehehe. We’re currently at Mocha Blends in BF Paranaque, Jayvee is here, too.

Twas so timely when I saw that Jayvee had called my mobile earlier and missed it. Why timely? Cuz I was currently stuck where I was then — Ortigas! Tsssch. It’s been a while since I last commuted, you see. So, I had no idea on how I was gonna get home. Good thing he was with Abe and they agreed to pick me up. Hehehe. We stopped by Metrowalk for some Yoo Hoo pork barbeque and Lechon Manok [roasted chicken] dinner before zooming off to Paranaque. [I got to drive the AdSense Car! Woohoo!]

Anyway, Abe helped me configure my *new* laptop so I can be as geeky about the web like them two. Heehee. It’s soooo cool! I feel like a kid right now.

So, now over a slice of *waaarrrm* apple pie, and glasses of Iced Mocha and House Blend Iced Tea, we continue our conversation on keywords, deep linking and this issue about the < — more — > tag.

Go on. Take it away, boys.


Old School Drinking Session 15 October 2006

Posted by Sasha in Coffee, Tea, Beer, Vodka..., Gallivanting Episodes, The Rambler.

gsmWhat classifies as old school, you ask? It’s the kind of drinking session that would include individuals who aren’t your usual crowd [tambay, kanto boys, karpintero] and it’s in a place wherein there are makeshift chairs and a table filled with pulutan, i.e. adobong mani, adobong baboy, corned beef, and several bottles of quadro-kanto.

Tenants are moving in by next month, you see, and we’re fixing up a couple of units in the building. My uncle was in charge of the construction work. The week just finished and they got their week’s salary so they decided to unwind a bit by holding a drinking session last night.

I don’t drink Gin — straight. Never liked the taste. So, when my uncle invited me over, I just told him to buy me a couple of bottles of San Mig Super Dry instead. Heehee.

Hanging out with this bunch was a real experience. My uncle’s loud when he’s drunk, hailing from Batangas and all. And the conversation revolved around drinking escapades that ended up in barangay halls or the lights from the police sirens illuminating my uncle’s bedroom ceiling, finding out that they don’t have enough money to pay for the beers they had ordered, how they didn’t like drinking with men whose wives often tow them back to their respective homesteads and, my favourite bit, the best drinking combo that can guarantee you lifeless. LOL.

Want to know what the combo is? Heehee.

It’s fondly called the VIRGIN COKE. But you got to pronounce it the Filipino way — “beer-gin-coke” LOL.

    1 bottle of beer
    1 Gin bilog
    1 12 oz. of Coke

After finishing it, try standing up. You can still stand up after that, you see. But when you sit back down — you won’t be able to again. It will knock you unconscious! Hahaha.

Ah, well — that’s just second-hand information. I haven’t tried it yet. I’ve to make a mental note to only do this at home! LOL. Who dares to try it with me?

Twas a real experience. I got a glimpse of their lives as construction workers and, of course, as regular people. They have dreams. They have problems. They have families. Their lives are less extravagant than mine but, hey, they deserve the same respect I would give a person who owns his own company. After all, they’re good people who are actually making something out of their lives, which I can’t say for some.

I reckon I need more experiences of the same kind to keep my feet grounded. I almost forgot how much life can teach me if only I keep my mind and heart open. Funny — I used to do this a lot before. I guess I need to re-trace my steps.

Blogging bought me a RAZR 10 October 2006

Posted by Sasha in Blogs & Blogging, Shopping, The Rambler.

RAZRSo, okay. My 3 year-old Nokia 7650 died a few days ago.

Que horror!

Uh — not really. I really don’t get too attached to mobile phones. In fact, most of my friends often complain how I hardly respond to their SMSes just for the reason that, sometimes, I just couldn’t be bothered esp when in the first place, there was no question asked in the message. And I’m more of the “I’ll call you type” than the“SMS type”, if you know what I mean.

But I do admit that my mobile phone is one of the gadgets that’s important to me, basically, for two reasons, [1] communication for personal and work reasons and [2] it serves as my digital pen and paper.

So, when my Nokia suddenly decided to die on me, I had to control myself from freaking out, reasoning that there’s a saner way in dealing with this sort of situation — uh, like buy a new one.

However, I can’t help but notice that most of the electronic devices I’ve been handling are throwing a fit when I as much as touch them. Like how my PC started re-starting on its own a few days ago — found out that it’s RAM and VideoCard needed to be replaced so soon after I bought the new phone. Grrr. Yes, people, I should be posting “the PowerColor 128MB|64-bit ATI Radeon 9250 that blogging bought” [update: just bought a 512MB PC333 DDRAM] alongside this post! Gah.

Anyway, with the help of the ever-reliable Rico, I found a sweet deal on a Motorola RAZR V3. I’ve always wanted to own a clamshell phone, just been waiting for a *really* good Nokia one. But I’ve been eyeing this one from Motorola eversince it came out. Now, I own one. Isn’t it great? Heehee.

Yea, I’ve finally joined the bandwagon, “the [insert item here] that bloggin bought”, and wrote about this cool new toy that I’ve got blogging to thank for. And would you believe that somebody else wrote about this experience, too? Utter coolness.

It’s fun that doing something you love can actually reward you with something like this mobile phone, a camera, a house or an almost house! And yea, you can even count that snack if you consider it as one of blogging’s perks. Heehee.

Yes. Blogging IS this much fun.

High Five on b5media 4 October 2006

Posted by Sasha in Blogs & Blogging, The Rambler.

high 5 on b5When WP.com’s Super Admin announced the birth of the new sidebar widget, Top Posts, a few days ago, it made me think of rounding up the popular posts from the previous month in my b5media blogs.

So, getting on with it then.

There you go.

I hope you get to check them out and see what the fuss is all about. If you leave a comment, it’ll be sooo much better! Teehee. Incidentally, have you seen the popular ones in The Parody™, too? Look to your right, on the sidebar, just below the recent posts. Let me know your favourite!

The Old Building 2 October 2006

Posted by Sasha in Sophia's Writings.

As she stares across the road, she sees the rubble — remnants of the rundown building that stood there on the now empty lot. She wonders what had become of the people who lived in it.

Out of habit, she takes her nightly coffee and cigarette on her front porch where she could witness, without meaning to, the lives of the building’s tenants.

Memories of an old couple coming down the street, burdened by bags of groceries, obviously had come from the supermarket a couple of blocks away.

A group of kids on their bikes. And a few others playing on the curb.

A single-mom going out on dates with a different man every couple of months, which seems to validate her initial thought about the woman — that she can’t hold on to a guy long enough or perhaps has been choosing the wrong men.

There was also this lady, who she hasn’t figured out whether if she was a spinster or a widow. She would often see her sitting quietly by the window, reading or watering her geraniums, always with Frank Sinatra or Judy Garland playing in the background.