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The Brand-spanking New Truth + Travesty 25 September 2006

Posted by Sasha in Blogs & Blogging.

new look
Not everyone knows that I have a dating blog. Even when links are left every now and then. Teehee. It’s the first time I ever blogged about it here. I reckon it’s not really important if people read it or not read it, for that matter. It’s just there for me.

So, why am I blogging it now?

Well — I simply have got to tell you guys how much I’m digging the new look! Hahaha. If, by any chance, you’ve been over there — pre-new look — can you puh-leez let me know how much it has changed — for the better?! But, in case, you’re a newbie to the site, can you tell me if you like it? [Nevermind what I write about. Just a bunch of nonsense. Hahaha.]

For those who are inept on reading between the lines

here’s the click-y! —> Truth + Travesty

I’m hoping to get a pat or two on the back. I did mention that I laboured on it for more than 10 friggin’ hours, right? So, come on! Show this proud and *aherm* single blogger some love! Heehee.

Let me know what you think!

P.S. It looks f**ked up in IE but gorgeous on Firefox. I suggest you switch. Heehee.



1. mEldita - 26 September 2006

new look is nice… simple lang.

btw, still preggy, hay! hehehe!!!

2. Rico - 27 September 2006

*pat* *pat* *pat*

Clean and distinct, like how the title blends in the with da detailing in the background…

3. theparody - 27 September 2006

Mel: Thanks! Coming from you, that means a lot! Perhaps you can help me with a part of it that I’m having difficulties with…? Puh-leeez?! 🙂

Rico: Thanks! 🙂 Can’t you tell I’m sooo proud of it? Heeheehee.

4. mEldita - 30 September 2006

sure… no problem… basta kaya ng utak ko *grins*

still pregnant! WAHAHAHA!!!

5. theparody - 1 October 2006

Mel: Oh, dear. Now, she still doesn’t want to see her parents? Hahaha. Thanks. Perhaps I’ll bug you about the template design when you’ve got Vera out of your hands — er, or tummy, I mean — whichever applies best. Heehee.

6. What is Blog Tipping? at Fool for Five - 5 October 2006

[…] She doesn’t know anything about web design (well, almost nothing), but was still able to redesign one of her blogs by herself. You go girl! *snap* *snap* […]

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