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Airports, Long Waits and Free Internet 22 April 2006

Posted by Sasha in Gallivanting Episodes, Singapore, The Traveller.
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What do you do when you’re stuck in an airport for hours on end waiting for your next flight out?

Simple. You wait. Ha.

Sleep? I wish I could.. I’m so tired.

Shopping? Need you ask if I want that?

Read a book? I have, like, 4 books to keep me company.

Listen to your portable music? I’m optimising my mp3’s battery life.

Ah, yes. Free internet. That’s why I got to write this amusing nonsense. Uh — it amused me for a bit anyway.

8 more hours to go.. Aaarrrggh. I’m bored.

I’ll just go find some people to watch and create stories in my head to pass time.