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Leadership 28 February 2006

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“Leadership is influence.”

Just something on my mind.


Adelaide Fringe 2006 25 February 2006

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Adelaide’s in party-mode!

The Fringe has now officially started. It’ll run from February 24 [yesterday] to March 10.

What is Adelaide Fringe, you ask?

Adelaide Fringe is renowned for fresh ideas, risk, imagination, spontaneity and fun. It is the largest arts event in Australia and only rivalled by the Edinburgh Fringe on a worldwide scale.

It runs side by side with the Adelaide Festival of Arts every two years and has been around since 1960.

On a personal note, I find the experience last night a little overwhelming since I’ve never seen Adelaide so full of people and so alive at 10 p.m.! The entire length of Rundle Street was closed down and a street-party atmosphere was in place. The city was so awake with activities since there were shows, rides, and concerts being held at Rymill Park. And I didn’t particularly enjoy the parade, however, there were some interesting bits and participants in it. I did like walking around the park, though.

And of course, all the party-hungry folk were out for blood. Booze and dancing were in full swing. I’m sure all the pub and resto owners are making big bucks. Hmmm. I wonder where the “Doomsday” Bus was last night. It’s a bus I saw one time when I was out on Rundle Street with a friend, it was sending out a message on loud speakers, mind you, basically condemning the people for drinking and partying in that area. It’s an effort to evangelise, I reckon. Great job. Hahaha.

Anyway, it’s an event that’s preferably attended with people who wants to have a good time, better yet, friends who’d want to PAARTTYY! Hahaha. They still have other events lined up for the next few days. Anyone interested to come with me? =)

My New Boots! 23 February 2006

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I love it when I go shoe shopping! I love it when I get to go out shopping. Period. But there’s a different sort of satisfaction from finding and buying a new pair of shoes. It’s hard to describe.

I recall telling my brother-in-law a while back how shoe shopping is a really good therapy and to which he only countered that the momentary happiness it brings lasts till you get tired of the shoe thus wanting to buy more shoes. And is extended when you get to wear them for the first few times, I added good naturedly. However, I told him that there’s nothing wrong with wanting to buy more shoes. But he responded further with a lengthy statement about people not in the right financial position to indulge in such expensive therapy. Well, I had to agree with him there but we were just talking about me needing that kind of therapy.

Okay, he did make a good point. The people, who are less fortunate than some, simply cannot go on a shoe shopping binge whenever a need, real or not, arises. We do need some sort of guidance if we are not responsible enough to handle our budget. It can result to a disastrous situation if not well-looked after.

Dear me, I just wanted to celebrate my shoe find. How did I end up talking about money, spending habits and therapy? Heh.

Media Mileage. Ha! 23 February 2006

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Imagine my surprise when I went and did my surfing this morning. Oh, me. Oh, my. =)

I got linked to About Weblogs again! Hehehe. The first time was The Parody™, my personal blog here at Word Press.

Well, it’s my dating and relationships blog, Truth + Travesty, this time. It was their Weblogs of the Week for Valentine’s. Yea, it’s dated February 14th. I just saw it today, though. Hehehe.

Cool, innit?

about truth


I know how my sister feels about my craziness in that area of my life and if you’d note the disclaimer she wrote: “Guide note and disclaimer: This blogger is family!” I reckon she silently wants to warn potential readers of the blogger’s lunacy who just happens to be her blood-sister. Bwahahaha! Well, much appreciated dear sis and much love for it!

I wonder if my friends think of me the same way? Hmmm.

Shai’s Photoshoot [Again] 20 February 2006

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super shai series

Yes, this is not the first time I’ve done a Photoshoot and yea, it’s still my sister, Shai, in the picture. If you missed the first one, you can check it out again.

She just wanted me to take a photo of her wearing the “Superman Tee”, which is actually my nephew, Cameron’s shirt, but it ended up as an impromptu photoshoot and I loved how photos some turned out. They made me think of job opportunities with ad agencies handling clients on shampoo, apparel or baby products. Teehee.

It was great to get back behind the camera again. I hope I’d get more opportunities to capture such images. It’s an amazing experience, you guys should give it a try!

I used a Sony Cyber-shot 4.1MP MPEG Movie VX, which my sister happens to own. Yea, sadly, I still don’t have a digital camera of my own. Sniff.

I posted a fairly similar entry in my Multiply Site but difference is, it has a poll and it has the other photos, too. So, if you’re interested in seeing the rest of the photos, just follow the links. I’d appreciate knowing what you think of the photos.

Did you know? 18 February 2006

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… that something happened to my fashion blog last month?

I’m sure you didn’t. I kept it all to myself. Uh, alright… I did mention it to a friend or two. Hahaha. I couldn’t help it. It was so exciting.

Anyway, I’m still mustering up the nerve to broadcast it.

CLUE: It has something to do with b5media.

Can anyone guess? Teehee.

Uh– no, Jayvee. You’re banned from guessing. So, don’t even think about spilling it. Thanks by the way. Hahaha.;)

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Argghh. 16 February 2006

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I really can’t think of what to put on the Title part. I just want to kick myself. Pfft.

I’m having problems with blogging lately. Can’t seem to bring myself to write anything. That’s why I thought I’d try writing something ordinary. Surf the internet and look at some photos. I’m checking my multiply more often lately. Just to fill my head with ideas. Or perhaps it’s just a way for me to beat around the bush. Hahaha. I know. I know. I’m procastinating. Ugh.

I’ll do better next time.

Australia Won the VB Series 14 February 2006

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I just finished watching the 3rd Final of the Cricket Australia’s VB Series. Yes. After the disappointing loss on that day at the Adelaide Oval, which I watched, Australia did wonderfully at Sydney then finished the series off at Brisbane.

Amazing batting from Gilchrist and Katich, both batted over a century, 122 and 106, respectively. Overall, Australia won by 9 wickets. Great, eh? Will the guys who played in the series be part of the World Cup team? We’ll soon see.

Gilly won the Man of the Match award and Andrew Symonds, the Man of the Series.

Kudos to Sri Lanka for their great playing. It’s been a while since a team brought Australia to a 3-day Final.


The Day of Hearts 14 February 2006

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Just wanted to greet everyone a happy heart’s day.

What does it really mean anyway? Romance? Love? I can only guess.

It was a big thing during my highschool years and died down when I was in Uni. Roses and hearts everywhere. It certainly gave the guys reason to pluck up the nerve and ask the girl out or… not. Some resort to keeping the “secret admirer” status, uh, forever. It’s really funny actually. Looking back it seems so childish but during that time it was so exciting. Hahaha. I say, love while you’re young. It’s a lot less complicated. =)

Where’s Cupid’s stupid arrow anyway? Missing me everytime, eh? Teehee.

Blog Update: Tops 2 Bottoms 9 February 2006

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I’m over the 50 blog mark! Hehehe. I’m just happy that I’m able to post more often now. My 50th post is not as special as I thought I’d make it. I completely lost it, you see. I forgot. Teehee. But it twas a good post nevertheless. I’ve got bragging rights since it’s my blog and this is my blog, too. Bleh. Crazy.

I’ve also started to feature Japanese Street Fashion in it. I like that fashion concept. I’m meeting people through my research and thus building my network. Great stuff. I started with my Kyoko Higa entry then wrote a little about the fashion concept, moved on to a Japanese online shop, which also happens to be my 50th post, and the last was a top I found in the online shop called, Sharon Top, so naturally I just had to write something about it. Hehehe.

Anyway, I’ve got to get some food in my body. While I go and eat, why don’t you check my Fashion Blog? That’d be lovely. Thanks. Till next time.