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Blogging bought me a RAZR 10 October 2006

Posted by Sasha in Blogs & Blogging, Shopping, The Rambler.

RAZRSo, okay. My 3 year-old Nokia 7650 died a few days ago.

Que horror!

Uh — not really. I really don’t get too attached to mobile phones. In fact, most of my friends often complain how I hardly respond to their SMSes just for the reason that, sometimes, I just couldn’t be bothered esp when in the first place, there was no question asked in the message. And I’m more of the “I’ll call you type” than the“SMS type”, if you know what I mean.

But I do admit that my mobile phone is one of the gadgets that’s important to me, basically, for two reasons, [1] communication for personal and work reasons and [2] it serves as my digital pen and paper.

So, when my Nokia suddenly decided to die on me, I had to control myself from freaking out, reasoning that there’s a saner way in dealing with this sort of situation — uh, like buy a new one.

However, I can’t help but notice that most of the electronic devices I’ve been handling are throwing a fit when I as much as touch them. Like how my PC started re-starting on its own a few days ago — found out that it’s RAM and VideoCard needed to be replaced so soon after I bought the new phone. Grrr. Yes, people, I should be posting “the PowerColor 128MB|64-bit ATI Radeon 9250 that blogging bought” [update: just bought a 512MB PC333 DDRAM] alongside this post! Gah.

Anyway, with the help of the ever-reliable Rico, I found a sweet deal on a Motorola RAZR V3. I’ve always wanted to own a clamshell phone, just been waiting for a *really* good Nokia one. But I’ve been eyeing this one from Motorola eversince it came out. Now, I own one. Isn’t it great? Heehee.

Yea, I’ve finally joined the bandwagon, “the [insert item here] that bloggin bought”, and wrote about this cool new toy that I’ve got blogging to thank for. And would you believe that somebody else wrote about this experience, too? Utter coolness.

It’s fun that doing something you love can actually reward you with something like this mobile phone, a camera, a house or an almost house! And yea, you can even count that snack if you consider it as one of blogging’s perks. Heehee.

Yes. Blogging IS this much fun.



1. Jonas - 11 October 2006

Who would’ve thunk that blogging would become profitable? Swanky phone! 😀

2. theparody - 11 October 2006

Jonas: Yea. Isn’t it? I’m still getting acquainted with my *new* phone. Heehee. 🙂

3. Jonas - 11 October 2006

Ah, the honeymoon stage. 😉

4. theparody - 11 October 2006

Jonas: LOL! You seem to be *familiar* with the feeling. I’ll try to make the most of it. Teehee. 😉

5. Jonas - 11 October 2006

Very familiar. Us guys have a love-hate relationship with our gadgets.

Take my first PC, for example. I assembled it myself and I love it to death (Bill Gates rest its soul) but there were many times I wanted to take a sledgehammer to it and bash it to bits (or is it bytes?). 😀

6. theparody - 11 October 2006

Jonas: Ouch. It really does take some sort of commitment, eh? LOL. 😀

7. Jonas Diego - 11 October 2006

Yep. 😀

8. Rico - 11 October 2006

Owning a gadget does take some commitment… look at me and Matus. 😉 Complete with the good times and bad times, as Jonas said.

Thanks for the allowing me to feature you on The Smart PDA! 😀

9. Jonas Diego - 11 October 2006

Yeah, and it’s another thing for guys who love gadgets: we name our babies. 😉

10. driver ng bayan - 11 October 2006

I read about how much you spent on that phone and now I’m envious. I just busted my XDA and I’m going to have to spend more than you did, just to have it repaired. And I thought electronics liked me. I guess my XDA knew I wasn’t very fond of it.

Enjoy your honeymoon!

11. theparody - 12 October 2006

Jonas: If you were to name my RAZR, what name will you give it? 🙂

Rico: No worries! 🙂 Glad that you thought the experience was good enough fodder for your CW blog. 🙂

Driver: Oh, I will! Thanks! 🙂

Ack. You’re comparing your XDA with my RAZR? Sheesh. Sorry to hear that it *died* on you. That taught you that *they* have feelings, too, eh? Heehee. 😉

12. Jonas - 12 October 2006

Hmmm…I dunno. The name “Sophia” calls out to me though. 🙂

13. Gloria - 12 October 2006

that was me that txted you last night asking how much? REALLY? puede magpabili? 😉 i’m serious!!

14. Marc - 13 October 2006

Just passing by…. It was nice meeting you and Gail’s other blogger friends (Abe, Rico, Jayvee, Markku). Wow! It’s nice to know you got yourself a RAZR out of blogging. San mo naman na bili ang how much? Should I go for a RZR or Nokia N70?

15. Tops 2 Bottoms » T2B A-List: RAZR as a fashion accessory - 13 October 2006

[…] On talks of accessories, one of the options were mobile phones. Whilst I’m not an uber-fan of gadgets since I’m known to be a non-favourite of such electronics, I recently purchased a new phone, the Motorola RAZR V3. My Nokia 7650 died on me, you see. Then I had the option of having it repaired or buy a new one and I obviously opted for the latter. […]

16. theparody - 14 October 2006

Jonas: Sophia. Hmmm. I wonder why. It’s a lovely name though. 🙂

Gloria: Ack. Read Rico’s post about it and you’ll understand what I mean. LOL. 🙂

Marc: Same here! Like what I told Gloria, I suggest you read Rico’s post. Most of the info about the *transaction* is there! LOL 🙂 About that last question — uh, I’m not sure I’m well-equipped to answer it but I’ve always been a Nokia fan, however, I’m loving my RAZR right now so —
but I did hear the N70 is cool, though. 🙂

17. Jonas - 14 October 2006

Dunno. Just came to me. 🙂

18. jun - 15 October 2006

Can you blog with it? You probably wouldn’t, reading that you prefer to call than text.

Why not call your phone Oric =) (here we go again)

19. theparody - 15 October 2006

Jonas: I actually love the name Sophia, hence, why I use it a lot of times for various reasons. 😉 You know what? I’m actually REALLY considering it! LOL. 🙂

Jun: Gah. I did NOT get it at the first try. As cute as that name sounds, I can’t use it since it reminds me of LOTR’s Orcs. LOL. =P

20. markku - 16 October 2006

Anong honeymoon stage yung sinasabi ni Jonas? You and your razr? Or you and Rico? 😉


21. theparody - 17 October 2006

Markku: Haha. You’re SOOO funny! =P

22. kutitots - 17 October 2006

Wahahaha. Buti nalang I read the comments from the start, or I’d probably ask the same thing 😀

Oh no, Marc saw your phone! Sabi na nga ba hehehe. He’s been on the lookout for a new phone since his old one got “lost”. Now I’ll have to keep him away from Jayvee’s new shoes—I’ve seen Marc buy shoes with SPIKES, so what’s stopping him from buying shoes with HOLES right? hehehe 😆

23. theparody - 17 October 2006

Kutitots: Pffft. Why am I not surprised that the same people will gang up on me? LOL. 😉

Tell Marc to NOT seek my advice regarding phones — tell him to go to the gadget boys. I’m totally clueless when it comes to it. LOL. 😉

Here’s an idea — why don’t you tell him to use the spikes to make the holes? That way, it’ll save you guys money! Honestly, comfortable or not — it still looks icky. [Sorry, Jayvee!] 😀

24. markku - 20 October 2006

Markku: Haha. You’re SOOO funny! =P

you’re so funny ka dyan, ayaw mo naman sagutin yung question… hehehe. 😉 so, musta na kayo?

25. GAiL - 21 October 2006

harharhar patay ka sash, di ka na titigilan ni markku! 😆

26. theparody - 21 October 2006

Markku: I’m alright. A tad bit busier than usual but I’m good. Thanks for asking. If you’re inquiring about Rico, well, last I heard was he’s busy but doing fine, too. =P 😉

Gail: Wahahaha. Markku is free to do and think whatever he wants but there’s only one answer — wala, wala, WALA! =P I-blog ko kaya lahat ng “technically” inexistent acts AND people, er, person nya…?! Muahahahaha. 😉

27. Marc - 21 October 2006

Uy why didn’t you get the 3G capable version? 🙂 para video calling na kayo ni Rico 🙂

28. theparody - 21 October 2006

Marc: What the — ?! You, too?!? Gah. 😦

3G? Didn’t even know it came with any RAZR. Perhaps I can upgrade later on? Heehee. =P 😉

29. Marc - 22 October 2006

It’s the Motorola RAZR V3x. Do check it out. I got one for my mom para makapag 3G na sila ng dad ko. Sana kayo rin ni Rico 😛

30. Marc - 23 October 2006

Guys, Saturday, October 28, Jill’s @ The Fort, 7 PM onwards. Lots of things happening! 🙂

31. theparody - 24 October 2006

Marc: *aherm* Libre mo? Teehee. 😉

32. Marc - 24 October 2006


33. theparody - 24 October 2006

Marc: Have fun you guys! 🙂

34. The Hair Clipper That Blogging Bought | Macalua.com - 5 December 2006

[…] Is this a Filipino thing? Almost all the top sites for “blogging bought” are Filipino. There’s the car, the DSLR, the car again, the RAZR, the WoW credits, the laptop, the IXUS and the house. […]

35. streetsmartchic - 22 September 2008

I like that phone. i miss my old moto phone…. =)

36. Bev Megeath - 10 October 2010

Great article here, such a wealth of information.

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