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Missing Cam 29 December 2005

Posted by Sasha in The Brooder.
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When I got home earlier, after dropping my sister, Shai, her husband, Jem, and my nephew, Cam, at the airport, I found a pair of Cam’s socks among my things. Apparently, my sister failed to pack them. I suddenly missed him really bad. They’re now on their way back to Australia. I’m really sad.

Last night, Cam had a hard time sleeping. My sister said that he’s feeling sad, my mom is speculating that he’s sad about leaving seeing that all his toys and things are packed. He’s only 23 months, you see. He can’t really say much just yet. I had a chance to sing to him last night but it was his mummy and daddy whom he asked for in the end.

At the airport, I reckon when he realised that I wasn’t coming with them, he cried a little. Awww. I really miss him right now. I wish I’m with him right now, the receiving end of sloppy kisses, wonderful hugs, gorgeous smiles and laughs. I love you, Cam.

Please God be gracious and hear my prayer.


Busy Bee 27 December 2005

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Sometimes, I don’t have the energy to write but oftentimes, it’s time that I don’t have. My schedule has been packed the past few weeks since I got back. There’s always something that needs to be done, some place that needs to be visited and, of course, since I’m in Manila, travel time eats up a lot of time off the day. Teeheehee.

My sister’s leaving this coming Wednesday. It doesn’t mean that I can take a breather because there’s a matter of documents that I need to put together and catching up on my work online. Wow. It seems like I do have real work online rather than a hobby. Well, I am taking it seriously anyway, so, I can consider it as work, too!

By the way, I’d like to thank all those people who remembered me on my birthday! I’m wishing everyone a joyous Christmas and a blessed year 2006!

Thoughts on writing and being read 17 December 2005

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If you decide to write, what if you are one of those people who seems to be less serious about the things you write about? Should you feel insecure? Is he a better writer than you are if he writes profoundly and extensively or better yet, writes poetry?

Hmmm… it does make me wonder at times whenever I look back to the collection of things that I’ve written and I would find myself laughing at the smallest things because it now dawned on me that I often wrote about the silliest things and yea, I did end up looking foolish and amateur-ish. Hehe. Oh, well.

I do dream to be considered a real writer. Uh, okay — not the kind that would publish her works but someone who can actually write, that’s all.

Bora’s Finest 17 December 2005

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Truthfully, I wasn’t ‘wow-ed’ by the sight of Bora. Sure it is gorgeous and all but it reminded me of Puerto Galera, Mindoro, Philippines. It’s a lot more wonderful and beautiful, of course. Though, I still love Sabang Beach of Palawan, Philippines. I reckon I prefer them untouched and seemingly, wild and free, and is removed from the usual commercialised atmosphere that most popular beaches now have.

sabang beach.jpgGoing to the beach in December is great and all but it also means taking a risk of a not-so-great weather. Yea, it rained a lot but I was able to catch some tanning time and saw some amazing sunsets.

Bora’s a great place to go to when you want to party so it spells that planning a vacation with friends [particularly, girlfriends!] would be the best bet to get the most out of the time spent on the island. Jonah’s shakes are also worth the trip! =)

*Featured photo is Sabang Beach, Palawan, Philippines.

Homecoming 11 December 2005

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I wonder how my sister feels about coming home. I know it’s different from how I felt when I got back because I’ve only been away for just a little while and yea, nothing much has changed.

If I try to see my country through her eyes, I’m sure I’d find it a lot different from the last time I’d seen it especially if we’re talking about a good 5 or 6 years. Alright, there have been opportunities to see it for a week or so in between but still, if I didn’t get the chance to really spend time getting to know it again.

However, I sensed a little indifference in her. Oh, well. I’m still excited for her anyway. I hope she’d have a great time while she’s here. I’m excited for the rest of the family, too. This is the first time for most to meet my very adorable nephew, Cameron Matthew. It’s going to be a treat to see how they’d react to how Cam will act around them. I can’t wait.
It’s going to be a really busy month ahead. I’m not sure if I’d get to spend much time online so I’m wishing everyone the happiest of holidays in advance!

Manila, Philippines 7 December 2005

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My very first post since I got back here. I wonder what’s in store. I hear that there are plans to attend a 10-year highschool reunion. I don’t know if that’ll happen, though. I’m tired from the long flight [almost 10 hours with a connecting flight] from Adelaide via Sydney then straight to Manila.

I got to spend time with some people, which was good but before that, my first few hours were shit. Pardon the language. And I thought I’d be welcomed back with open and excited arms. My mistake, huh? Hehe. Life’s a bitch. Enough about that.

I’m looking forward to fun stuff, too. Bora’s on the itinerary! Yay! I can’t wait to see my friends. I’ll be bugging some starting tomorrow. Teehee.

Heading Home 5 December 2005

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It’s been busy the past few days. I haven’t had the time to write much but now I’m taking some time off from packing and last minute cleaning to write.

Yea, I’m on my way back to Manila tomorrow. My flight leaves in the morning and ETA’s in the evening. Another adventure ends but I’m hopeful that I’ll have an opportunity to come back. It’ll be another time for exploration and learning then perhaps to stay for good.

It’s sad that I’m leaving but it’s good to think about the things that I can look forward to. New things, definitely.

Dilemma. Dilemma. 2 December 2005

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I’m hungry. I’m tired. I want to go to bed. I want to continue writing and finish all my work online. What do I do?
I know it’s silly. But it’s been a hell-ish day today. I’m depressed. That’s why I want to thank my friend, Jay, for calling and keeping me company a good couple of hours.

Yea, I’m now counting down the days. 3 days left.