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Blogging bought me a RAZR 10 October 2006

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RAZRSo, okay. My 3 year-old Nokia 7650 died a few days ago.

Que horror!

Uh — not really. I really don’t get too attached to mobile phones. In fact, most of my friends often complain how I hardly respond to their SMSes just for the reason that, sometimes, I just couldn’t be bothered esp when in the first place, there was no question asked in the message. And I’m more of the “I’ll call you type” than the“SMS type”, if you know what I mean.

But I do admit that my mobile phone is one of the gadgets that’s important to me, basically, for two reasons, [1] communication for personal and work reasons and [2] it serves as my digital pen and paper.

So, when my Nokia suddenly decided to die on me, I had to control myself from freaking out, reasoning that there’s a saner way in dealing with this sort of situation — uh, like buy a new one.

However, I can’t help but notice that most of the electronic devices I’ve been handling are throwing a fit when I as much as touch them. Like how my PC started re-starting on its own a few days ago — found out that it’s RAM and VideoCard needed to be replaced so soon after I bought the new phone. Grrr. Yes, people, I should be posting “the PowerColor 128MB|64-bit ATI Radeon 9250 that blogging bought” [update: just bought a 512MB PC333 DDRAM] alongside this post! Gah.

Anyway, with the help of the ever-reliable Rico, I found a sweet deal on a Motorola RAZR V3. I’ve always wanted to own a clamshell phone, just been waiting for a *really* good Nokia one. But I’ve been eyeing this one from Motorola eversince it came out. Now, I own one. Isn’t it great? Heehee.

Yea, I’ve finally joined the bandwagon, “the [insert item here] that bloggin bought”, and wrote about this cool new toy that I’ve got blogging to thank for. And would you believe that somebody else wrote about this experience, too? Utter coolness.

It’s fun that doing something you love can actually reward you with something like this mobile phone, a camera, a house or an almost house! And yea, you can even count that snack if you consider it as one of blogging’s perks. Heehee.

Yes. Blogging IS this much fun.


And I thought it’s over.. 16 May 2006

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Before I even got back, my mom told me about this woman who was highly interested to meet me. She owns a modeling agency, you see. And with one of my mom’s trips to the salon, her hairdresser introduces them and I guess you can say the rest is history.

As soon as she picked me up at the airport, she asked me if I wanted to stop by the salon so I’d meet this person. My mom claims that this woman was so interested to take me on. I found it funny because she hasn’t even seen me in person! Heh. I just told my mom that I’ll take a raincheck since I was too tired.

Days turned into weeks until come Thursday of last week that my mom came home banging on my door at 6pm, waking me up. Uh, yea. I’m asleep during the day because I work on my blogs at night. Anyway, the woman was in my house that very moment! Ha. Great. She’s going to see me at my best. Fresh out of bed. I was grumpy and being my mean-y self, my mom got a taste of that grumpiness. Man — I just woke up! Heh.

If I could re-schedule it, I would’ve. But since, she was already sitting in my living room, there was no escape. Pffft. So, I washed my face, brushed my teeth and changed my PJs to something presentable. No make up. Ack. Ah, well —

She liked me straight away and scheduled a casting for a commercial the next day. She was even picking me up. Wow. That’s a first. The last agency that handled me couldn’t be bothered to call me for VTRs. They’d just send me an SMS and let me go off on my own. Hahaha.

So, yea — she’s now my new agent. Coolness. We proceeded to talk about potential projects abroad like New York, Singapore, and Australia! Woot! Modeling in Aussie will be awesome! 🙂 We talked about getting fashion eds, ramp projects and her forte, commercials. Hmmm. Sounds good, eh? Well — don’t hold your breath. These things take a long time before it actually happens. It’s going to be a lot of work.


The last time I had a modeling gig was when I did a bit role for a beer commercial like two years ago. And I thought this part of my life was over. I thought wrong. Bleh.

Oh, well. It’s always going to be interesting when it comes to this industry. You wouldn’t know — maybe I’d profit massively from it one day and travel, too. Hahaha. 😉

Raiding my own closet | A Jayvee feature 2 March 2006

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Raiding my own closet.

I did. Hahaha.

I did it for my fashion blog and I’m really proud of how I edited the photos. Yes. I took the photos and I edited them myself. Oh, the wonders of Photoshop. I’m so glad I took the time and studied it. This program confused and intimidated me at first but I’m starting be friends with it now.

A Jayvee feature

I also did a feature on my friend, Jayvee’s makeover at INQ7. I saw a T2B angle on it so I grabbed the opportunity. Hahaha. It was a fun experience.

Here, take a look at how the closet raid and the Jayvee feature turned out and let me know what you think. Much appreciated!

My New Boots! 23 February 2006

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I love it when I go shoe shopping! I love it when I get to go out shopping. Period. But there’s a different sort of satisfaction from finding and buying a new pair of shoes. It’s hard to describe.

I recall telling my brother-in-law a while back how shoe shopping is a really good therapy and to which he only countered that the momentary happiness it brings lasts till you get tired of the shoe thus wanting to buy more shoes. And is extended when you get to wear them for the first few times, I added good naturedly. However, I told him that there’s nothing wrong with wanting to buy more shoes. But he responded further with a lengthy statement about people not in the right financial position to indulge in such expensive therapy. Well, I had to agree with him there but we were just talking about me needing that kind of therapy.

Okay, he did make a good point. The people, who are less fortunate than some, simply cannot go on a shoe shopping binge whenever a need, real or not, arises. We do need some sort of guidance if we are not responsible enough to handle our budget. It can result to a disastrous situation if not well-looked after.

Dear me, I just wanted to celebrate my shoe find. How did I end up talking about money, spending habits and therapy? Heh.

camera whoring 17 January 2006

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sasha collage
I know. It’s a nasty habit. Bleh.

These photos were taken months ago. I was on my way to a fashion show over at Paradise. Yea, there is a town named, Paradise, in South Australia. Anyway, I was bored waiting for a certain someone to pick me up so I decided to bring out my digicam.

What can I say? At least, I’m not going to show y’all the photos I took. Yes. There were more. Haha.

Blog Update: Tops 2 Bottoms 26 November 2005

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I’m nearing the 10 posts mark in my blog! Yay!

I just finished my 9th post and I’m about to start my 10th. So far, it’s all good. I’ve already received a positive feedback. Yea, just one feedback but it’s alright, I know readers will come soon. But it was music to my ears anyway! Well, I’m going to be optimistic about it. It is my blog, after all.

It’s been fun writing for this particular blog. I’ll never tire of fashion, I reckon. I’m excited about all the ideas that seem to have poured in my brain since I started it and uh, yea… it still keeps coming, good thing. Sometimes, I’m scared that I might not be able to come up with something new or interesting one day, though. I’d think, what then? Oh, dear… no blogger’s block please.

Special thanks to the first BlogTies© connection for the Tops2 Bottom blog, MELdita. That Link Category is still under review but as soon as I receive the green light, I’ll make sure to add you!

A Great Surprise 18 November 2005

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When I checked my email earlier this afternoon, I found a great surprise. I now have my own fashion blog! Yea, you got that right! My very own, honest-to-goodness blog! It’s courtesy of my dear sis, who’s graciously hosting it. I’m so excited about it. I have yet to finish my first official post but I am working on it. 😉

It came as a surprise because she didn’t say anything about doing something like that for me. And it’s so nice of her to do it. It’s like getting a gift that you really want! And now, I can’t seem to stop playing with it, just like a kid with a new toy. 😀

The new blog’s called Tops2Bottoms and it’s aptly described as “Fashion Blogging From Cool Tops 2 Funky Bottoms” and holds promise of a blogging great time. [I know I’m totally biased about it!] Do check it out!