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MSN & Google Search: Sasha Manuel 29 November 2005

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Ha! I was just curious when I did a search over at MSN. The Parody™ was at number 1 out of 90,827 results and my blog at Multiply came in number 2.

When I tried to google myself, The Parody™ came at number 1 out of 904,000 results, too! Then if you type my name without any space in between, you’ll pull up my Multiply blog at number 1 out of 149 results, which most, if not all, are referring to my multiply blog anyway. Teeheehee.
I’m just happy about it that’s all. Hehehe.


Last personal post at Multiply 29 November 2005

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At least, I reckon it is anyway. I’m a little sad but come to think of it, why should I be sad? It’s not as if I’m totally abandoning my Multiply. I couldn’t. I wouldn’t. I’m just spreading my wings is all.I started blogging a year ago and Multiply was the reason that I discovered the joy of it. I met a few people who were just my contacts but eventually became good friends. I have pleasant memories of a year’s worth of stay in that site. And I still enjoy the things that I get to read and see. That’s why I’m keeping it.

One thing I’m sure I’m going to miss is the community that you seemingly belong to. If I’m going to compare my blog life now to the one that I have in Multiply, it feels like I’m so alone out in the blog-o-sphere. Then again, it is good to be free from the usual things and try my luck in a bigger world. I do ask myself sometimes the question, why do it? My answer is, I want to speak my mind without interruption, hoping to let myself be heard in all the noise and chaos that clouds my life. No, I am not one of the weird, brooding, angst-ridden types, though, I do have my moments. Hahaha.

Oh, well. I’m sure this endeavour will produce great things. If I get to learn more about life and how to live it, that would be more than enough.

Anyway, you can read my last post at Multiply here.

Welcome the good days! 28 November 2005

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Finding out that I’m touching other people’s lives is a good thing. I enjoy the idea that as time unfolds my destiny, I will discover the most amazing of things that I could never imagine. I know each day will not be as good as the other, but I’m sure things will get better and I will find what’s best for me.

Be patient — all the arrows you shoot may not hit their mark. Try again tomorrow.

Blog Update: Tops 2 Bottoms 26 November 2005

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I’m nearing the 10 posts mark in my blog! Yay!

I just finished my 9th post and I’m about to start my 10th. So far, it’s all good. I’ve already received a positive feedback. Yea, just one feedback but it’s alright, I know readers will come soon. But it was music to my ears anyway! Well, I’m going to be optimistic about it. It is my blog, after all.

It’s been fun writing for this particular blog. I’ll never tire of fashion, I reckon. I’m excited about all the ideas that seem to have poured in my brain since I started it and uh, yea… it still keeps coming, good thing. Sometimes, I’m scared that I might not be able to come up with something new or interesting one day, though. I’d think, what then? Oh, dear… no blogger’s block please.

Special thanks to the first BlogTies© connection for the Tops2 Bottom blog, MELdita. That Link Category is still under review but as soon as I receive the green light, I’ll make sure to add you!

First Link for The Parody™ 26 November 2005

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It’s Deep Thoughts!

The parodist is grateful. She’s happy about it, you see. Teeheehee.

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Utter Frustration with Multiply 25 November 2005

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Aaarrgghhh! This is so annoying…!

I just wanted to update the look of my multiply site when a small blunder occurs [on my part], which is forgetting to close a tag. I’m such an idiot… I know. Sheesh. When I went back to correct this mistake, there it was, everything else was messed up! The button you use to save the updates is now *kaput*. I wish I know more about HTML and CSS so I wouldn’t have to wait on the Multiply people to answer my stupid request.

Grrr.. I’m so frustrated!

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Celebrity Crush: Harry Kewell 24 November 2005

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[Featured in the top photo: Kewell,left. Cahill, right.]


I just had to. 23 November 2005

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I simply love the way this photo turned out. I already used it in my Lifestyle Blog in this entry, Soccer + Footballand I plan to use it in my Dating & Relationships Blog. I took this photo around 11 AM and outdoors with lots of sun but it looks different, huh? I love photography, says she who can’t seem to stop grinning.

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Getting to know Picasa 22 November 2005

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Brilliant! I’m totally psyched!

I’ve been wanting to learn how to do that Picture Grid that I’ve been seeing around for ages now. Yay! Now here’s one of my own. And I made it myself! Ha! It’s my brief intro to Picasa features. I chose to make a grid on photos I’ve collected that somehow documents my 2005 Aussie adventure. It’s the many faces of Sasha, I reckon. I’m so thrilled about this! Haha 😀

I miss Photoshop, though. And I saw something else about graphic layouts that I want to learn. Crikey! This will never end, huh? I have yet to learn Illustrator. I know. I know. You wouldn’t be surprised if I eventually want to learn web design, huh? Well, that’s actually not a bad idea. But I’m taking it one step at a time. 😛

So far, I’m loving it. Everything that I’ve been learning. I’m really having fun! Ack.I’m turning into a geek. Hahaha.

Good Lung. Bad Lung. 21 November 2005

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good lung. bad lung.Smoking.

Sadly, I am hooked to it. Please don’t ask me why, I’ll spare you the whole sob story. Teeheehee. But no, it wasn’t peer pressure but I do have my reasons. Anyway, I only picked up the nasty habit a few years ago. I can’t say I’m a chain-smoker but I do smoke 5 sticks on average. Is that bad? Oh, well… I’ve been hit by various kinds of bronchitis, mind you. However, stubborn ol’me, I’m still puffing those ziggies. Crazy, huh?

I do plan to quit one day. Honest. I’m just waiting for that certain something, which I simply refuse to disclose to anyone, to happen in my life then, as sure as the sun will rise, I’ll say good-bye to cigarettes for good. But for now, it keeps me company. End of discussion.

I won’t try to justify the act because it’s pointless. It’s just simply wrong. I’m not talking about morally but I’m merely stating that it’s basically unhealthy. It does literally kills your lungs ergo it kills you. So, you do need your lungs to breathe, right? Stupid question. I’m sure everyone knows how vital that organ is to our very existence so I wouldn’t even bother going into it anymore.

Looking at the photo makes me curious about how my lungs look like right now. Ack. I changed my mind. I’ve decided, I wouldn’t want to know after all.