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Old School Drinking Session 15 October 2006

Posted by Sasha in Coffee, Tea, Beer, Vodka..., Gallivanting Episodes, The Rambler.

gsmWhat classifies as old school, you ask? It’s the kind of drinking session that would include individuals who aren’t your usual crowd [tambay, kanto boys, karpintero] and it’s in a place wherein there are makeshift chairs and a table filled with pulutan, i.e. adobong mani, adobong baboy, corned beef, and several bottles of quadro-kanto.

Tenants are moving in by next month, you see, and we’re fixing up a couple of units in the building. My uncle was in charge of the construction work. The week just finished and they got their week’s salary so they decided to unwind a bit by holding a drinking session last night.

I don’t drink Gin — straight. Never liked the taste. So, when my uncle invited me over, I just told him to buy me a couple of bottles of San Mig Super Dry instead. Heehee.

Hanging out with this bunch was a real experience. My uncle’s loud when he’s drunk, hailing from Batangas and all. And the conversation revolved around drinking escapades that ended up in barangay halls or the lights from the police sirens illuminating my uncle’s bedroom ceiling, finding out that they don’t have enough money to pay for the beers they had ordered, how they didn’t like drinking with men whose wives often tow them back to their respective homesteads and, my favourite bit, the best drinking combo that can guarantee you lifeless. LOL.

Want to know what the combo is? Heehee.

It’s fondly called the VIRGIN COKE. But you got to pronounce it the Filipino way — “beer-gin-coke” LOL.

    1 bottle of beer
    1 Gin bilog
    1 12 oz. of Coke

After finishing it, try standing up. You can still stand up after that, you see. But when you sit back down — you won’t be able to again. It will knock you unconscious! Hahaha.

Ah, well — that’s just second-hand information. I haven’t tried it yet. I’ve to make a mental note to only do this at home! LOL. Who dares to try it with me?

Twas a real experience. I got a glimpse of their lives as construction workers and, of course, as regular people. They have dreams. They have problems. They have families. Their lives are less extravagant than mine but, hey, they deserve the same respect I would give a person who owns his own company. After all, they’re good people who are actually making something out of their lives, which I can’t say for some.

I reckon I need more experiences of the same kind to keep my feet grounded. I almost forgot how much life can teach me if only I keep my mind and heart open. Funny — I used to do this a lot before. I guess I need to re-trace my steps.



1. Gloria - 15 October 2006

ha ha ha!!! this entry evoked so much memories. i was trained to drink, the old school way. virgin coke, gin and tang orange o kaya pomelo gin, tanduay rhum and coke, andy player rhum and coke…you name it. now this sounds like the very old me i kinda miss. he he. tho I’m not sure now if can still drink those combos. safe masyado ang san mig super dry.;-)

2. theparody - 15 October 2006

Gloria: It’s funny that you would leave this comment — most of the stories my uncle told me were about his drinking stints in Bicol and I told him a bit about you asking about Super Dry last BlogCon. LOL. I think I need to go visit you in Bicol for further schooling on this kind of drinking session. 😉

3. angelo - 15 October 2006

my friends and I made beer-gin juice before… lol

4. theparody - 15 October 2006

Angelo: Hey, you! Happy birthday! I saw you that day pa naman diba?

Do you mean you guys mixed beer + gin + juice?! Gah. I wonder how that tastes like. LOL. 🙂

5. angelo - 15 October 2006

yeah we did, hehe! Beer + Gin + grape juice. Actually tasted pretty decent…

Thanks for the greeting. I actually didn’t really recognize you because of my eye problem. In fact I only recognized Rico from his voice. Had an idea it was you though. So that’s why I was a bit unresponsiv.

6. theparody - 15 October 2006

Angelo: I should try that concoction one of these days. 🙂

Really? You didn’t? Not even LJ? Aw, shucks. 😦 Well, I do hope that you had a fabulous time that day! 🙂

7. Jonas - 16 October 2006

Kewlness! Back in the days when I was working for an environmental NGO (where I got the “where the men are men and so are the women” bit) drinking was not only an option, it was a requirement.

The most I had was 6 shots of Tequilla, 1 bottle of Red Horse, and 3 San Mig Lights all in a span of 2 hours.

Nowadays, things are a bit more mellow in the alcohol department. I think the strongest I’ve had in the past three months was a shot of lambanog with grape fruits and raisins in them for flavor a friend of mine keeps for special ocassions. 😀

8. AnP - 16 October 2006

like kita even more because of this post 🙂

unfortunately, we won’t be drinking together because I have alcohol allergy. boring ako kasama sa inuman. At least, nga lang, may driver kayo! haha

uy, why don’t you come over here in europe?! pakilala kita sa ibang inuman, haha

9. theparody - 16 October 2006

Jonas: You consumed all that in two hours?! Gah. How’d you fare? Were you still able to drive yourself home? Walk? Uh, stand perhaps? Sheesh. Anyway, the only lambanog I ever tasted was the packaged one from Baguio — flavoured, too!

Uh, when you said grape fruits, you didn’t mean grapes, did you? Teehee.

AnP: Aw, shucks. Thanks! LOL. Yay! We’ve got a designated driver, people! 🙂 Dear me… You’re allergic to beer?! OMG. You live in Germany for crying out loud!! I loved the Hofbrau Original I had when I was in Australia. How was the last Oktoberfest, by the way? You’re right. Why don’t I?! I’d love to go to Europe. You got me curious about that “ibang inuman” thingie. Hmmm. I’m now working on it. 😉

10. Jonas - 16 October 2006

It was OK. We we’re staying in a rented house with a pool in Pansol, Laguna for a team-building excercise.

Strangely enough though I just had a mild buzz. I wouldn’t try it again, though. Ha ha ha! 😀

11. Rico - 16 October 2006

Haha, I remember the inuman sessions with my neighbors in Naga.

Joke: “Hey, you know Pacquiao’s takes drugs?”
Me: “What?!?”
Joke: “Yeah, nag-Aalaxan nga siya diba?”
Me: “Bwahahahahaha!”

Sorry, corny siya, but had lots of fun with em!

12. theparody - 17 October 2006

Jonas: Aw, come on — just a mild buzz? Why wouldn’t you try it again since it seemed pretty *harmless* naman a! LOL. 🙂

Rico: Uh, I didn’t get the joke. Teehee. =P Good to know that you had fun nonetheless — kahit corny. 😉

13. Jonas - 17 October 2006

I’m not young as I used to be and I’m quitting while I’m ahead. Ha ha ha! 😀

14. theparody - 17 October 2006

Jonas: Good advice! I’m contemplating on the idea of *quitting* esp now that I’ve lost my voice and am stupendously coughing my lungs out. Gah. *sniff* 😦

15. Jonas - 17 October 2006

There’s a nasty bug going around. you probably caught it. 😦

16. theparody - 21 October 2006

I guess so. I’m still not back to my normal self but I’m coping. It’s harder pa cuz I’m uber-busy! I think I need to go to the spa. Hmmm. 😉

17. AnP - 22 October 2006

Not just to beer but to ALL kinds of alcohol. Kahit shandy, walang patawad sa pagbigay sa akin ng pantal! haha

Yup, you should come over 🙂 Shai was actually planning last year pero it was cancelled due to some new thing 🙂

18. theparody - 24 October 2006

AnP: Aw, shucks. Tough break! 😦

Don’t worry. I’ll try and, er, save so I can buy a ticket and enough spending money for the beer — I’ll definitely take you up on your offer of “showing me around” Heehee.

Here’s a thought… perhaps my sis can make me libre! LOL 😉

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