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500 Books 26 May 2006

Posted by Sasha in Blogs & Blogging, The Neo-Blogger.

I added a page on my blog, 500 Books. This is to celebrate my love of books. Heh. I’m stating the obvious. Anyway, I just thought it’ll be pretty interesting if I’m able to share the kind of readings that occupy my mind.

I got the idea from Hsien but her list is more thorough. I’m actually impressed that she has a timeline! Of course, the number of books that she has read is pretty impressive, too. Hahaha. When I was looking through her list, I appreciated the opportunity that I was able to get to know Hsien in a way because I was trying to gauge her personality based on her taste in readings. I’m thinking that maybe I’d get you guys to understand me better through the list. Wishful thinking perhaps? I hope not. 😉

Anyway, feel free to check it out. If you have comments and suggestions, do let me know! I’d appreciate your thoughts. 🙂



1. taorist - 26 May 2006

Hello Sasha,

Nice list! A combination of the classics and new literature. Some suggestions:

1. Nine Stories by J.D. Salinger (A Perfect Day for Bananafish)
2. Metamorphosis by F. Kafka
3. The Hunger Artist by F. Kafka
4. Steppenwolf by H. Hesse

I hope you like these books as well.

2. theparody - 28 May 2006

Hi. Thanks. 🙂

That’s an interesting suggestion. I’ve heard of Kafka but have never seen any of his works. I’ll keep my eyes open next time I go book shopping. Hahaha. I’ll let you know how it goes. 🙂 T

Thanks again!

3. Hsien Lei - 6 June 2006

I read far fewer books that I would like. My goal is 1 book a week but usually it’s just 1 book a month. I started keeping that list in 1995 and am so glad I did! It brings back fond memories. 🙂

4. theparody - 6 June 2006

1995? Oh, wow!

I kept a list of books that I own but I was reading a lot of romantic novels being a kid and all. Hahaha. Now that I decided to be a lot more serious in keeping a list of the better books, I’m glad and hopeful to keep at it.

Thanks for inspiring me, Hsien! 🙂

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