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Coffee makes my world go *poof* 18 September 2006

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Sasha This photo is a current favourite.

Rico took it with Raissa‘s cam when the three of us went out last Friday. Thanks for the Brooklyn pizza, Rico.

Wait a minute — did anybody thank me for Figaro??? Sheeesh. What ever happened to common courtesy? Hmpft! 😉

I digress.

The photo’s quite messy at the beginning but I worked on it till I was able to achieve the look that it has now. My main objective was to make it presentable enough so I can upload it to my Flickr.

So — what do you think?

A photo says a lot, don’t you agree? [Subtext. Subtext. Hahaha.]


Simple Things That Entertain 4 September 2006

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I’m one of those people who live a pretty laid-back lifestyle. I don’t take everything too seriously — but that doesn’t mean that I can’t because I can. I guess I’m just saying that it would take a lot to ruffle my feathers and I take pleasure in simple things. Heehee.

I’m guilty of not posting much lately. I can’t come up with a good enough reason — sorry. Heh.

But I’d like to enumerate the things that entertained me these past couple of weeks.

Gig Night. Shared a couple of beers with Rico at 1740 Bistro to hear my friends play. Finally a gig that’s not in Tagaytay! Hahaha. Though, I would’ve enjoyed the roadtrip. Anyway, it has become a ritual that every new friend goes through — sort of like an initiation — meeting these 4 guys [Ram, Joey, Joel and Oliver] of Streamline. Don’t ask why. I’m not telling. Hehehe.

DVD Marathons. Note: emphasis on it being plural. I actually finished 2 seasons of Grey’s Anatomy and 7 seasons of Sex and the City. I’m now on the first season of The OC. I’m keeping my mind off blogging for a bit. Don’t hate me. Hahaha.

Photography. I had the opportunity to do a lot of it over the weekend. It was a bit challenging since I was expected to cover an actual event — a kid’s birthday party. Heehee. But it certainly felt good getting behind the camera once again. Plus the fact that a friend said that he didn’t realise that I was actually really good at it [he got it wrong perhaps? Hahaha.] and went on to ask for pointers. I was so flattered. Hahaha.

Dicovery Channel’s RIDES. I caught the episode, Foose’s 69 where they worked on a Chip Foose-designed 1969 Camaro. I saw a lot of Mustangs like the Eleanor [seen in the movie, Gone in 60 Seconds], Shelby G.T. 350 [my dream car] and the amazing Shelby G.T. 350R [the exact car that Joe Johnson drove].

Random Quote Javascript. Adding it on one of my blogs is a cause for a small celebration. Hahaha. I’ve been wanting to do that for ages.

Driving. I’ve been driving a lot recently, ergo, I’m now NOT cooped up in my house most of the time. It always brings me comfort when I’m behind the wheel. It’ll always be one of my favourite things to do. AND getting to drive a BMW 540 Automatic was certainly a real treat! It was the highlight of my week. Hahaha.

More on cars. Getting a call from a friend [you know who you are. hehe.] to ask for my help cuz his car wouldn’t start. I wanted to laugh at the ludicrous-ness of the situation cuz never in a million years did I expect that a guy would call me about a car problem. Btw, my instructions did help start the car. So — am I good or what? Hahaha. 😉

Of course, writing will be a staple thing and will always be a source of entertainment in my book. So, what about you? What are the simple things you do that brings you pleasure and/or entertainment? 🙂

Shai’s Photoshoot [Again] 20 February 2006

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super shai series

Yes, this is not the first time I’ve done a Photoshoot and yea, it’s still my sister, Shai, in the picture. If you missed the first one, you can check it out again.

She just wanted me to take a photo of her wearing the “Superman Tee”, which is actually my nephew, Cameron’s shirt, but it ended up as an impromptu photoshoot and I loved how photos some turned out. They made me think of job opportunities with ad agencies handling clients on shampoo, apparel or baby products. Teehee.

It was great to get back behind the camera again. I hope I’d get more opportunities to capture such images. It’s an amazing experience, you guys should give it a try!

I used a Sony Cyber-shot 4.1MP MPEG Movie VX, which my sister happens to own. Yea, sadly, I still don’t have a digital camera of my own. Sniff.

I posted a fairly similar entry in my Multiply Site but difference is, it has a poll and it has the other photos, too. So, if you’re interested in seeing the rest of the photos, just follow the links. I’d appreciate knowing what you think of the photos.

camera whoring 17 January 2006

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sasha collage
I know. It’s a nasty habit. Bleh.

These photos were taken months ago. I was on my way to a fashion show over at Paradise. Yea, there is a town named, Paradise, in South Australia. Anyway, I was bored waiting for a certain someone to pick me up so I decided to bring out my digicam.

What can I say? At least, I’m not going to show y’all the photos I took. Yes. There were more. Haha.

I just had to. 23 November 2005

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I simply love the way this photo turned out. I already used it in my Lifestyle Blog in this entry, Soccer + Footballand I plan to use it in my Dating & Relationships Blog. I took this photo around 11 AM and outdoors with lots of sun but it looks different, huh? I love photography, says she who can’t seem to stop grinning.

Current Playlist: Tammin – Pointless Relationship

Current Mood: :mrgreen: gushing

Getting to know Picasa 22 November 2005

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Brilliant! I’m totally psyched!

I’ve been wanting to learn how to do that Picture Grid that I’ve been seeing around for ages now. Yay! Now here’s one of my own. And I made it myself! Ha! It’s my brief intro to Picasa features. I chose to make a grid on photos I’ve collected that somehow documents my 2005 Aussie adventure. It’s the many faces of Sasha, I reckon. I’m so thrilled about this! Haha 😀

I miss Photoshop, though. And I saw something else about graphic layouts that I want to learn. Crikey! This will never end, huh? I have yet to learn Illustrator. I know. I know. You wouldn’t be surprised if I eventually want to learn web design, huh? Well, that’s actually not a bad idea. But I’m taking it one step at a time. 😛

So far, I’m loving it. Everything that I’ve been learning. I’m really having fun! Ack.I’m turning into a geek. Hahaha.