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The Blogger Meet 7 July 2006

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I’d get to put a face on the text I’ve laboured on reading night after night. What am I talking about? Well, it’s an invitation to go to the blogger meet up. You can check the details over at Jayvee‘s.

Isn’t it exciting? [Imagine me squirming in my seat while I pound on the keyboard kind of excitement] It’s the second meet up they’ve arranged and I’ve agreed to come this time ’round! I simply can’t resist a free beer. Ha! 😉 Seriously, I reckon it’s a great thing to meet other bloggers in person, isn’t it? Now, I’m hoping that you guys will be interested, too. If you’re already planning to go, just leave a comment here or on Jayvee’s post.

I hope I’d get to see and meet you there!


Sunday at the Town 27 June 2006

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Sunday at Alabang Town Center, I had a late lunch at Italianni’s with my highschool friends. It was actually a feat that the rest of us who are still here in Manila are present.

It was just last Friday that I decided to schedule this meetup. It was a first since it’s always been Mel who does the inviting. But this time since she and her husband might be leaving for the US next week, I decided to take over.

A quick shout out to the very preggy, Mel and her husband Jon, our unanimously elected big sis, Candice, Atty. Ricky Moldez II and his wife, Ai, who happens to be a lawyer, too! The always late, Jo, next is Joanne, our resident accountant, and the “prodigal” friend, Jason. Hehehe. And oh, Ricky’s 3 year-old son, Third, who complained that he had an itchy bum. Teehee.

Actually, Mel already mentioned this meet up on her blog but I thought it’ll be cute to reminisce bits about it that’s so classic!

Care for some unstoppable dalandan juice?

It was Jo’s doing. He actually asked me if the juice [pointing to his glass] was “unstoppable”. I almost choked, I thought, he must be kidding, right? Oh, you have to understand… it’s something you can actually expect from him. I just said, you mean, refillable, right? Laughing. I dared him to order a refill using the description, “unstoppable”. And he did! We tried [but failed miserably] to control our laugh. Good thing the server was a good sport. Hahaha.

“What? You left for Australia again and you didn’t tell me?”

Said Joanne. Apparently she wasn’t informed that I had left the second time. Hahaha. They teased me like crazy on how “last minute” my goodbye was last January. They found out that I was leaving when I sent them an sms informing them that I was already in the airport. Candice called and she couldn’t believe it. I was all defensive about it since on my end, it was unexpected as well! I can’t help it if my booking fell through the last minute, can I?

“Who’s pregnant? What? You’re pregnant?”

Another one from Jo, he clearly had no clue that Mel was almost 6 months pregnant. I had to make room for him to see Mel’s growing tummy. So this brings me to the next one —

“The problem with you two is that perhaps the Group list you use to send messages, must just included both your names! How come the rest aren’t getting any of the messages you claim to have sent?”

That’s Candice teasing Mel and Ricky to having their own “group list”. Hahaha.

After lunch, we walked around a bit and I did a little shopping — I bought my cranberry lip balm and concealer with tea tree oil at The Body Shop — before we had our caffeine dosage at Starbucks and to continue our walk down memory lane.

“I’ve got ESPN!”

Candice gave me a blank stare probably thinking that I’ve gone nuts. I was laughing uncontrollably and I was like, are you there yet? Haven’t you seen Mean Girls? It’s a joke for crying out loud! Hahaha. The others were teasing her and she cussed like crazy when she got it, she kept telling me how she thought I lost my marbles. She said something like, “I almost lost my respect for you, Sash. ESPN when it should’ve just been ESP… I knew you’re better than making quips like that!” Okay, I guess I have to work on my dumb blonde act more. 😉

And yea, I bombarded Joanne with direct questions about the current status of her lovelife, hitting the target, unknowingly — hence, the ESPN quip. It was hilarious!

We spent over 4 hours together and if only each of us didn’t have to make it to other appointments, we’d probably hang out a couple of hours more! I wish Donna and Ethylene were with us. I love these people. 🙂

The end of all pain 23 May 2006

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… from a toothache.

I gave in and went to the dentist last Saturday afternoon. Imagine, I had no sleep, literally, because I work online at night and by the time I’m scheduled to sleep, it was freaking hot! So I couldn’t sleep. Then add the toothache — that’s why I decided to go the dentist instead and end all the pain! Heh.

After that, someone annoyed the hell out of me before actually heading to the theatre to watch the movie I told you I was gonna watch. Bleh. The movie didn’t help much to uplift my sour mood.

Then for the past couple of days, I was sick. Because of the sore tooth and lack of sleep combined maybe.

I’m gonna stop whinging now.

Sasha’s Mad March 31 March 2006

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Who would’ve thought that this month will be filled with surprises? Daaanng! It’s certainly has been a busy month for me!


  • A new blog is in the works and I’m pretty darn excited about it.
  • To top it all off, I had to finish putting together and finally mailing out this afternoon, all the required documentations for my Aussie Migration Application.

Whew! I know it doesn’t seem a lot but tell me if it’s easy to come up with 36 posts a week across 4 different topics. Heh.

It’s good, though, that I was able to end the one thing that was stressing me the most. Makes me think how grateful I am that I don’t have the problems of being attached, ergo, added responsibilities because of a partner. Hahaha. Oh, imagine that stress! However, it still left me with other stresses. Why am I torturing myself? I got to get a life, man! Bleh.

Clipsal 500 7 March 2006

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The Clipsal 500 is coming up here in Adelaide. I’m dying to go. If only the tickets weren’t that expensive. Argh. I’ll try to look into the one day tickets. Pfft.

The race and other festivities run from March 23rd until the 26th. There will be live bands every night. I heard Grinspoon and Silverchair‘s performing on separate nights. Though, I’m not particularly a fan of their music. As much as I’d like to enjoy the music and the atmosphere it can create, what I really like to check out are the cars!

Yea, I love cars. I love speed.

Adelaide Fringe 2006 25 February 2006

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Adelaide’s in party-mode!

The Fringe has now officially started. It’ll run from February 24 [yesterday] to March 10.

What is Adelaide Fringe, you ask?

Adelaide Fringe is renowned for fresh ideas, risk, imagination, spontaneity and fun. It is the largest arts event in Australia and only rivalled by the Edinburgh Fringe on a worldwide scale.

It runs side by side with the Adelaide Festival of Arts every two years and has been around since 1960.

On a personal note, I find the experience last night a little overwhelming since I’ve never seen Adelaide so full of people and so alive at 10 p.m.! The entire length of Rundle Street was closed down and a street-party atmosphere was in place. The city was so awake with activities since there were shows, rides, and concerts being held at Rymill Park. And I didn’t particularly enjoy the parade, however, there were some interesting bits and participants in it. I did like walking around the park, though.

And of course, all the party-hungry folk were out for blood. Booze and dancing were in full swing. I’m sure all the pub and resto owners are making big bucks. Hmmm. I wonder where the “Doomsday” Bus was last night. It’s a bus I saw one time when I was out on Rundle Street with a friend, it was sending out a message on loud speakers, mind you, basically condemning the people for drinking and partying in that area. It’s an effort to evangelise, I reckon. Great job. Hahaha.

Anyway, it’s an event that’s preferably attended with people who wants to have a good time, better yet, friends who’d want to PAARTTYY! Hahaha. They still have other events lined up for the next few days. Anyone interested to come with me? =)

The Day of Hearts 14 February 2006

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Just wanted to greet everyone a happy heart’s day.

What does it really mean anyway? Romance? Love? I can only guess.

It was a big thing during my highschool years and died down when I was in Uni. Roses and hearts everywhere. It certainly gave the guys reason to pluck up the nerve and ask the girl out or… not. Some resort to keeping the “secret admirer” status, uh, forever. It’s really funny actually. Looking back it seems so childish but during that time it was so exciting. Hahaha. I say, love while you’re young. It’s a lot less complicated. =)

Where’s Cupid’s stupid arrow anyway? Missing me everytime, eh? Teehee.

Happy 2006! 1 January 2006

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A new year is starting in this part of the world and I’m hoping for good things to come my way! Teehee. Okay, okay. I am wishing that everyone will have a wonderful and event-filled year ahead! =)

Happy 2006 to all!

Busy Bee 27 December 2005

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Sometimes, I don’t have the energy to write but oftentimes, it’s time that I don’t have. My schedule has been packed the past few weeks since I got back. There’s always something that needs to be done, some place that needs to be visited and, of course, since I’m in Manila, travel time eats up a lot of time off the day. Teeheehee.

My sister’s leaving this coming Wednesday. It doesn’t mean that I can take a breather because there’s a matter of documents that I need to put together and catching up on my work online. Wow. It seems like I do have real work online rather than a hobby. Well, I am taking it seriously anyway, so, I can consider it as work, too!

By the way, I’d like to thank all those people who remembered me on my birthday! I’m wishing everyone a joyous Christmas and a blessed year 2006!