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Sunday at the Town 27 June 2006

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Sunday at Alabang Town Center, I had a late lunch at Italianni’s with my highschool friends. It was actually a feat that the rest of us who are still here in Manila are present.

It was just last Friday that I decided to schedule this meetup. It was a first since it’s always been Mel who does the inviting. But this time since she and her husband might be leaving for the US next week, I decided to take over.

A quick shout out to the very preggy, Mel and her husband Jon, our unanimously elected big sis, Candice, Atty. Ricky Moldez II and his wife, Ai, who happens to be a lawyer, too! The always late, Jo, next is Joanne, our resident accountant, and the “prodigal” friend, Jason. Hehehe. And oh, Ricky’s 3 year-old son, Third, who complained that he had an itchy bum. Teehee.

Actually, Mel already mentioned this meet up on her blog but I thought it’ll be cute to reminisce bits about it that’s so classic!

Care for some unstoppable dalandan juice?

It was Jo’s doing. He actually asked me if the juice [pointing to his glass] was “unstoppable”. I almost choked, I thought, he must be kidding, right? Oh, you have to understand… it’s something you can actually expect from him. I just said, you mean, refillable, right? Laughing. I dared him to order a refill using the description, “unstoppable”. And he did! We tried [but failed miserably] to control our laugh. Good thing the server was a good sport. Hahaha.

“What? You left for Australia again and you didn’t tell me?”

Said Joanne. Apparently she wasn’t informed that I had left the second time. Hahaha. They teased me like crazy on how “last minute” my goodbye was last January. They found out that I was leaving when I sent them an sms informing them that I was already in the airport. Candice called and she couldn’t believe it. I was all defensive about it since on my end, it was unexpected as well! I can’t help it if my booking fell through the last minute, can I?

“Who’s pregnant? What? You’re pregnant?”

Another one from Jo, he clearly had no clue that Mel was almost 6 months pregnant. I had to make room for him to see Mel’s growing tummy. So this brings me to the next one —

“The problem with you two is that perhaps the Group list you use to send messages, must just included both your names! How come the rest aren’t getting any of the messages you claim to have sent?”

That’s Candice teasing Mel and Ricky to having their own “group list”. Hahaha.

After lunch, we walked around a bit and I did a little shopping — I bought my cranberry lip balm and concealer with tea tree oil at The Body Shop — before we had our caffeine dosage at Starbucks and to continue our walk down memory lane.

“I’ve got ESPN!”

Candice gave me a blank stare probably thinking that I’ve gone nuts. I was laughing uncontrollably and I was like, are you there yet? Haven’t you seen Mean Girls? It’s a joke for crying out loud! Hahaha. The others were teasing her and she cussed like crazy when she got it, she kept telling me how she thought I lost my marbles. She said something like, “I almost lost my respect for you, Sash. ESPN when it should’ve just been ESP… I knew you’re better than making quips like that!” Okay, I guess I have to work on my dumb blonde act more. 😉

And yea, I bombarded Joanne with direct questions about the current status of her lovelife, hitting the target, unknowingly — hence, the ESPN quip. It was hilarious!

We spent over 4 hours together and if only each of us didn’t have to make it to other appointments, we’d probably hang out a couple of hours more! I wish Donna and Ethylene were with us. I love these people. 🙂


Warning: Ravings of an Angry Woman. 21 May 2006

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A word of caution: If you don’t wish to feel offended or repulsed, I suggest that you move on to another entry in this blog or go read a different one. What comes after won’t be pleasant.


My Favourite Boy in the World 19 April 2006

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I’m leaving in a couple of days and my thoughts are getting mushy. First, due to all the weird and painful things that my body parts seem to have decided to subject themselves to. Second, one major bad news just came my way. Third, a certain insect has triggered animosity in me and I’m seething just thinking about bumping into him in the virtual world. I just want to beat the sucker into a pulp. The idiotic twat. Pffft. And lastly, I happen to change my sleeping habits in blink of an eye. Ah, well — it’s gonna go wonky anyway with the loooong travel ahead of me. Yes, people. It’s twenty-freaking-seven hours! Not to mention that I am to spend 16 hours of it in an airport. Alone. Aaarrrrggggh.

Anyway, the point for the post is not forgotten. Ha.

cam&tutaThere will be men who will annoy the hell out of me and situations that will irritate me but being with this boy can make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside thus over-shadows the other men. He has the power to make me forget that sometimes I do find him annoying and irritating, too. Hahahaha.

I absolutely adore this photo of ours. I was able to capture Cammy’s “gigil” look, which makes me happy because it means I did something to make him react that way. And it’s great that there’s a football in the photo, too. I really love how the photo turned out. We were at a barbeque held in a park in Kensington and of course, Cam went straight to the playground and I had to come after him to supervise. Hahaha. I like taking photos so I took some. Hahaha. You should see the vain-y photo I took of myself. Uh, no — I’m not gonna post it here. Go check my flickr if you’re really interested. Heh.

If I can collect all the photos we have together, I know it has grown a number. Oh, God.. I think I’m gonna tear up. It might be a while before I see him again so it’s just gonna be photos for me. Sniff. I really am gonna miss this boy. I love this boy to bits. My favourite boy in the world.

A world collapses 23 March 2006

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I woke up this morning with a splitting headache. Did I wake up from a nightmare or to one? There’s a fine line which separates the two and I just left it. The joy of forgetful sleep.

The words “get lost”, “you’ve done nothing”, “grow up”, “fuck you” resound in my head like an incessant clanging of gongs. I had to rest my head on my hands for a minute. It didn’t help so now I write.

Tell me something I haven’t told myself a million times. You can also throw in “worthless piece of shit”, “callous bitch”, “ungrateful sponge”, “fucking idiot”. Please let’s not keep up appearances here. Go ahead and let it all out. I hope it makes you feel better. That’s what’s important. After all, I am the shit, the bitch, the sponge, and the idiot who is immature, have done nothing and would be better if I’d just fuck off and get lost.

No, I’m not being sarcastic. Hell, I know what a pathetic loser I am in other people’s eyes.

Though, I do wonder sometimes if they really do see me. Failing to realise that this life that they look down upon is a life, with all its imperfections, is my world. A world that their words tried to destroy.

Yet I still dare to dream that one day I will be loved. Even if it seems I am not deserving. My faith tells me that I am so I believe that one day someone will take me in his arms and say, “Everything will be alright.” My God will make sure of that.

Protected: Getting it out of my chest 7 February 2006

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They’re pregnant! 7 February 2006

Posted by Sasha in Family & Friends, The Brooder.

I just learned that my bestfriend from highschool, Mel, is pregnant [February 4 post]! I’m so happy for her and Jon! I sort of know how it means to her and I’m sure when or if she reads this post, of course there’s no pressure, she knows how much I understand her joy about this great news. Knowing what I know and seeing what I’ve seen, though I’ve been on the sideline most of the time, I’m so happy to hear that this amazing little bundle of joy will be part of our lives soon.

They’ve been trying for a while now and I know, well — not from personal experience, that it’s been frustrating and hard for them but God’s so good that prayers have been heard and answered. Oh, Mel. I do wish you the safest and wonderful pregnancy. I can’t wait for September.