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at the end of light 22 January 2005

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“What makes man a man? A friend of mine once wondered. Is it his origins? The way he comes to life? I don’t think so. It’s the choices he make. Not how he starts things but how he decides to end them.”

At the end of light then comes darkness. A few dwell in it and fewer ponders on its very existence. As a man, we see life filled with colors and shrug off the hues that we consider bland. We often think that the people live in such manner are the snobs but most of the time, it is the ones who live in the dark who looks down on others. People who embrace it remove themselves from the crowd and and silently pity us who are not enlightened.

I am considered one of the common people. A mongrel. I am no magi. Yes, I don’t understand it. I have bits and pieces of the knowledge but I guess I am not fit to live it. Perhaps I choose not to accept it. Ancient thoughts equals great power. I just don’t understand it.

However, this is what I say… I know you exist. I fell victim to the machinations of your ways. Is it humane? Is it to edify mortality? Wanting something outside this weak being, it’s understandable. Seeking paths to immortality has been around since the beginning of everything. It has been the ultimate temptation for man’s fall.

One life. I will not be able to live this one again. This what makes everything beautiful. The knowledge of an inevitable end. The capacity to make mistakes. To be able to feel every emotion known to man alone.

It is sad that you don’t seem to feel the same way about it.


The Lady of Avalon 16 January 2005

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“as she stared into the fogs and mists, she wondered how she would ever know when the night and day were of equal length, so that she could keep the feast of the new year. this year the spring storms had been unusually violent; night and day the crash of the sea had resounded over the castle until no man or woman within could sleep, and even the hounds whimpered mournfully.”The Lady of Avalon

Love, Hope, Faith 13 January 2005

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Love brings color to our lives. Its presence bring a different sunrise, a different sky, a different autumn or summer, a different day or night. We, somehow, understand how it is we exist and why. It breathes life to our soul… our entire being. It quenches a lifetime of thirst. Perhaps that is why it has been said that it can move mountains. It is a miracle in itself.

Hope brings back meaning to our lives. Dares us to dream the impossible. Fuels our passion for life. It is like a light in darkness.

Faith is hope for things to come and certainty in what is unseen.

And yes, love, being the greatest among three, should endure. That is because without love, hope dies. And without hope, faith is improbable.

Love fuels hope. And hope, faith.

losing grip.. 3 January 2005

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or maybe it’s just lack of sleep…
throbbing temples…
tired eyes…
too many thoughts in my head…
the incumbent needs direction, inspiration, consummation…
currently feels depression, isolation, depreciation.
causes the rotting of my soul, perhaps.
coffee… cigarettes… conversation…
trust the people who appreciate my existence.
these keep the men in white coats at bay.