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Warning: Ravings of an Angry Woman. 21 May 2006

Posted by Sasha in Family & Friends, The Brooder.

A word of caution: If you don’t wish to feel offended or repulsed, I suggest that you move on to another entry in this blog or go read a different one. What comes after won’t be pleasant.

I have this ass of a relative that thinks he’s all that and more but in reality in the eyes of the people around him, he’s nothing but an arrogant piece of shit. He has this ego the size of Texas — uh, no — all the 50 states of the US combined or perhaps more and thinks he has the authority on every topic. Please. You don’t even know a quarter of what I know and I’m just almost half his age. Heh.

I utterly pissed about how he thinks he’s got the better of me. He doesn’t have the slightest clue about the situation. He has no right to dismiss me like that. Hello. It’s not about you, you egotistical bastard. It’s good that my grandfather’s dead so he’s not around to see or hear you. Why didn’t he inherit his father’s common sense and quiet humility? My grandfather wasn’t able to get a degree on anything since he barely finished highschool but when he spoke, he spoke with elegance and demeanor of somebody’s who’s highly educated. Totally not like him. What a pity.

That atrocious man that you defend is not worth a tenth of what I stand for.

Why do I even bother? Let me tell you why. They are the source of that man’s fuel. Condoning his actions allows him to believe that how he’s currently acting is right. So, this man continues to harrass me. I know that part of the reason why you condone him is because you can manipulate him so you can get something from him. Yea, he’s stupid that way.

Wake up, old man. You have no right to act so righteous. Look at yourself. There you are minding someone else’s business. I’m not trying to run your life for you. I’m not imposing my principles on you and yet here you are trying to enforce yours on me? WTF. Who are you anyway? Shut the fuck up.

My reasoning: If you continue to view me as a child then I will react to you as a child would. Why would a child act as the “better man” in the situation when you should be setting an example in the first place? Go ahead and tell me I’m stupid and immature. I don’t care. I’m done caring. A lot good that has gotten me.

Try doing that again and next time, I won’t hesitate to tell you to go to hell. I don’t care who you are.



1. Matt - 22 May 2006

Mental note: Never ever piss off Sasha! You want me to kick his ass? (Though it sounds like with a little more provocation, you’ll probably do it yourself :p)

2. theparody - 23 May 2006

Hahaha. I just might. Though, he is a little bigger than me. Well, okay — a lot bigger. That’s a bit of a problem, don’t you think? 😉

3. Matt - 26 May 2006

Nope. The bigger they are, the harder they fall. Trust me! 🙂

4. theparody - 26 May 2006

Yeh ‘know. 😉

That means I have to use brains over brawn since I lack the latter. Hahaha. By the way, I hear Little Britain’s hilarious. My sister’s so hooked.

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