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Yuga, Jayvee and WIFI in Mocha Blends BF Homes 24 October 2006

Posted by Sasha in Blogs & Blogging, Gallivanting Episodes.

Call me silly — but, hey, I’m so ecstatic that I’m on WIFI right now. LOL.

It’s courtesy of Abe. Hehehe. We’re currently at Mocha Blends in BF Paranaque, Jayvee is here, too.

Twas so timely when I saw that Jayvee had called my mobile earlier and missed it. Why timely? Cuz I was currently stuck where I was then — Ortigas! Tsssch. It’s been a while since I last commuted, you see. So, I had no idea on how I was gonna get home. Good thing he was with Abe and they agreed to pick me up. Hehehe. We stopped by Metrowalk for some Yoo Hoo pork barbeque and Lechon Manok [roasted chicken] dinner before zooming off to Paranaque. [I got to drive the AdSense Car! Woohoo!]

Anyway, Abe helped me configure my *new* laptop so I can be as geeky about the web like them two. Heehee. It’s soooo cool! I feel like a kid right now.

So, now over a slice of *waaarrrm* apple pie, and glasses of Iced Mocha and House Blend Iced Tea, we continue our conversation on keywords, deep linking and this issue about the < — more — > tag.

Go on. Take it away, boys.



1. Jonas - 24 October 2006

Update at last! 😀

2. theparody - 24 October 2006

Jonas: Sowee. Been busy. 😦 So glad to know I’m missed. Teehee. 🙂

3. GAiL - 25 October 2006

Urghhhh. I wasn’t able to go!!! 😦 I was stuck at home while you three were discussing BLOGGING. AGAIN. Hehe. Geeks! 😆

4. theparody - 26 October 2006

Gail: Geek?! Me?! I am? Please. God. No. LOL. We did talk about love and heartbreak, too. Uh, well — just a little bit. Teehee. 😉

5. chris - 31 October 2006

are u the blind item mentioned by jayvee in his blog? hehehe.

6. theparody - 1 November 2006

Chris: Huh? What are you talking about? =P

7. chris - 2 November 2006

hmm… so you’re the one! is it rico? hahaha! congrats 🙂

8. theparody - 4 November 2006

Chris: I really have no idea what you’re talking about, dear cuz! :p

9. markku - 5 November 2006

Pwede ba, stop being so showbiz… Hahaha. Deny-deny pa kayo. Hehehe. 😉

Wow, new laptop! What did you get, a macbook? 😉

10. theparody - 5 November 2006

Markku: Sadly, it’s not a macbook. 😦 It’s an ECS laptop that came with my new job — dayjob! 🙂

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Yuga, Jayvee and WIFI in Mocha Blends BF Homes | The Parody™

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