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Three Decades of a Recluse 18 May 2006

Posted by Sasha in Sophia's Writings.

A man in search of a dream bourne from a moment’s pain that has been echoing in his mind and heart all this time. His hope that he will reach the end and piece back together the remnants of dashed hopes arising from his waking up to an illusion.

After years of isolation, he faced a reflection or perhaps an opposite of his personality. A mysterious power that draws him toward something that goes beyond his understanding and control. Used to his ways of maintaining control over circumstances to save him from hurt or pain. A man can never be too careful, especially someone who vowed to never bend his principles. An event that requires a blind leap brings a certain unexplainable terror that prevents him from following through. The idea of copping out is far easier and logically feasible rather than staying and letting the mystery unfold.

He arrogantly concluded that he found out all he needs to know. A sign of cowardice, perhaps. However, little did he know that he’s merely reacting to something that scared him. Fears that are fruits of his past, which seemingly has a great hold on him. Confronting something that he cannot control, he chooses to let go. Resorting back to his old ways.

Is this a product of three decades of living a life as a recluse? Believing that he has learned all he needs to survive but refusing to acknowledge that there are still things that he needed to know in order to live. Years that he had spent getting to where he is now is never enough to equip him to make a sound decision in continuing on to the next level. His pre-conceived notions about life, people, love or romance, should be thrown out the window and let his mind be open to exceptions.

Life never works the way we think it would. It will eternally surprise and amaze us. And that’s a good thing. Having lived in a shell or not, that doesn’t change this fact, that much I’ve learned. And no matter how much we try to control our destiny, it is only in death will we find the freedom and wisdom of it all.

“IDT, ta vie telle que tu la connais est finie. Et ne revierdra jamais.. sasha”



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