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Manila, Philippines 7 December 2005

Posted by Sasha in Gallivanting Episodes, The Brooder, The Traveller.

My very first post since I got back here. I wonder what’s in store. I hear that there are plans to attend a 10-year highschool reunion. I don’t know if that’ll happen, though. I’m tired from the long flight [almost 10 hours with a connecting flight] from Adelaide via Sydney then straight to Manila.

I got to spend time with some people, which was good but before that, my first few hours were shit. Pardon the language. And I thought I’d be welcomed back with open and excited arms. My mistake, huh? Hehe. Life’s a bitch. Enough about that.

I’m looking forward to fun stuff, too. Bora’s on the itinerary! Yay! I can’t wait to see my friends. I’ll be bugging some starting tomorrow. Teehee.



1. DJ Jerome - 10 December 2005

Dearest Sasha are you recovering ok from ur illness? 10 hours travel time on a plane is not too bad based on my experience. Melbourne to Los Angeles ( direct flight ) was a quick 12 hours 😉 I hear Melbourne to Europe is worse!.

Aawww and why didnt they greet you with open arms? That’s slack. Maybe its an inderect way of saying ” we missed u Sasha ” ? Cmon cheer up , life isnt a bitch.. ( and dont quote me on that ok ) Enjoy Enjoy Enjoy and have fun. And yes its ur birthday coming up!

I’m still dreamin of a holiday in pinas till now, i’m so jealous nga your going to boracay and that your in ‘masaya’ manila ahhhrrr…

2. theparody - 11 December 2005

DJ Jerome: I’m alright. I’ll let you know bits and pieces about how things are going. Hope you have a good holiday on your end.

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