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Missing Cam 29 December 2005

Posted by Sasha in The Brooder.

When I got home earlier, after dropping my sister, Shai, her husband, Jem, and my nephew, Cam, at the airport, I found a pair of Cam’s socks among my things. Apparently, my sister failed to pack them. I suddenly missed him really bad. They’re now on their way back to Australia. I’m really sad.

Last night, Cam had a hard time sleeping. My sister said that he’s feeling sad, my mom is speculating that he’s sad about leaving seeing that all his toys and things are packed. He’s only 23 months, you see. He can’t really say much just yet. I had a chance to sing to him last night but it was his mummy and daddy whom he asked for in the end.

At the airport, I reckon when he realised that I wasn’t coming with them, he cried a little. Awww. I really miss him right now. I wish I’m with him right now, the receiving end of sloppy kisses, wonderful hugs, gorgeous smiles and laughs. I love you, Cam.

Please God be gracious and hear my prayer.



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