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My Favourite Boy in the World 19 April 2006

Posted by Sasha in Family & Friends, Gallivanting Episodes, The Brooder.

I’m leaving in a couple of days and my thoughts are getting mushy. First, due to all the weird and painful things that my body parts seem to have decided to subject themselves to. Second, one major bad news just came my way. Third, a certain insect has triggered animosity in me and I’m seething just thinking about bumping into him in the virtual world. I just want to beat the sucker into a pulp. The idiotic twat. Pffft. And lastly, I happen to change my sleeping habits in blink of an eye. Ah, well — it’s gonna go wonky anyway with the loooong travel ahead of me. Yes, people. It’s twenty-freaking-seven hours! Not to mention that I am to spend 16 hours of it in an airport. Alone. Aaarrrrggggh.

Anyway, the point for the post is not forgotten. Ha.

cam&tutaThere will be men who will annoy the hell out of me and situations that will irritate me but being with this boy can make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside thus over-shadows the other men. He has the power to make me forget that sometimes I do find him annoying and irritating, too. Hahahaha.

I absolutely adore this photo of ours. I was able to capture Cammy’s “gigil” look, which makes me happy because it means I did something to make him react that way. And it’s great that there’s a football in the photo, too. I really love how the photo turned out. We were at a barbeque held in a park in Kensington and of course, Cam went straight to the playground and I had to come after him to supervise. Hahaha. I like taking photos so I took some. Hahaha. You should see the vain-y photo I took of myself. Uh, no — I’m not gonna post it here. Go check my flickr if you’re really interested. Heh.

If I can collect all the photos we have together, I know it has grown a number. Oh, God.. I think I’m gonna tear up. It might be a while before I see him again so it’s just gonna be photos for me. Sniff. I really am gonna miss this boy. I love this boy to bits. My favourite boy in the world.



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