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3 ways to piss off someone 26 April 2006

Posted by Sasha in Dating & Relationships, Mood Notes, The Brooder.
  1. Be brutally honest
  2. Never let up
  3. Put icing on the cake

Add a generous amount of Snarkasm to make things a lot spicier. Hehehe.

Some people can’t take the heat especially if you try to tell them how they come off to you. Hey — I know how utterly irritating I can get especially when I’m in one of my moods, but I know I’m always open for a bit of critique every now and then. It just has to come from someone whom I know I have dealings with.

The reason why I write this — I know I pissed off someone. I’m starting to feel the guilt and remorse because of that.

But then again, why should I be?

I have every right to form an opinion especially on how I get treated, right? I’ve decided that this thing has gone far enough and I refuse to move any further until this person treats me with respect. I did offer an explanation but was refused a conversation. Bloody hell. I reckon if this person wants to set things straight, the least he could’ve done was listen, right?

I’m still open for us to talk but if this person declines, him and I both can live our lives as if the other didn’t exist. I’m sure it’s not going to be a problem for either parties. Ha.

Gah. I really need a cigarette. I’m way too pissed off to concentrate. Bleh.



1. Hanselx - 12 February 2007

when it comes to critisim,your heart must be cold and hard.Never thought of the victim feelings.

And please don’t go overboard,know when to stop!

2. Adamfal - 23 March 2007

I need help with bullyling the bully and i already done some steps already, but i need some help plz. he has piss me off for a little over 3 years so if u can help me plz.

3. Justin - 1 May 2007

Start by learning that fighting negative with negative only generates more negative. If you wish to make the world a better place you must be the one who converts negative to positive.

4. laura - 10 August 2007

ok then my dads an asshole maybe ill try to piss him off get him to move out. He yells beats my mom throws tantrums cheated on my mom still cheating she wont get rid of him all it is is jokes.

5. laura - 10 August 2007

i mean well my parents treat it like a joke

6. Glen Johnson - 23 October 2007


7. John Hickey - 17 January 2008

Well, I send creepy anonymous messages to people and that seems to work.

8. Daryl - 31 May 2008

My boy friend is really doing my nut in at the moment, he says he loves me then he treats me like his mate he even calls me mate sometimes!
ahhh what can i do?

9. ruby - 18 August 2008

ok, my step dad is moving out and he has bullied me for the last nine years. now ive been standing up to him though and its great. i even think he is a bit scared of me. i need one last way of really pissing him off before he goes!
any ideas please?????
i hate him so much, i just want to see him suffer!

10. Rosemary - 24 October 2008

ok I have this person who keeps pissing me off! I try to act normal but this time she has gone too far! I really need to piss her off!

Any Ideas please????
I hate her so much i wanna see her die, very slowly!

11. Rosemary - 24 October 2008

hi the same girl keeps pissing me off! I NEED HELP NOW! PLZ HELP ME! SHE IS SO ANNOYING! I CAN’T GET RID OF HER!

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