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Good Lung. Bad Lung. 21 November 2005

Posted by Sasha in Lights, Mild & Reds, The Brooder, The Coffee & Nicotine Addict.

good lung. bad lung.Smoking.

Sadly, I am hooked to it. Please don’t ask me why, I’ll spare you the whole sob story. Teeheehee. But no, it wasn’t peer pressure but I do have my reasons. Anyway, I only picked up the nasty habit a few years ago. I can’t say I’m a chain-smoker but I do smoke 5 sticks on average. Is that bad? Oh, well… I’ve been hit by various kinds of bronchitis, mind you. However, stubborn ol’me, I’m still puffing those ziggies. Crazy, huh?

I do plan to quit one day. Honest. I’m just waiting for that certain something, which I simply refuse to disclose to anyone, to happen in my life then, as sure as the sun will rise, I’ll say good-bye to cigarettes for good. But for now, it keeps me company. End of discussion.

I won’t try to justify the act because it’s pointless. It’s just simply wrong. I’m not talking about morally but I’m merely stating that it’s basically unhealthy. It does literally kills your lungs ergo it kills you. So, you do need your lungs to breathe, right? Stupid question. I’m sure everyone knows how vital that organ is to our very existence so I wouldn’t even bother going into it anymore.

Looking at the photo makes me curious about how my lungs look like right now. Ack. I changed my mind. I’ve decided, I wouldn’t want to know after all.



1. Shin - 11 September 2006

Hi Sasha, I am Shin, who said hi in Skype.
I am a male, one year older than you.
I was fascinated by your writing…and agree a lot on your
views on relationships with men! I have been living in Manila
since last 4 years and what you have experienced in men
is something I fully agree with, but was not sure if it was
limited to men in Philippines.
Well, about smoking, you are a very light smoker….ahahaha,,,,
there is absolutely nothing wrong with that for decades, as far
as health is concerned…!!!
What is bad for health is a pack of cigarrattes over 20 years!
Mail me if you have time for it; I am also on Skype.

2. theparody - 11 September 2006

Shin: Hi back. Thanks for letting me know that I’ve managed to entertain you with my writing and that you agree [picture me surprised!] with my theories on men and relationships. And no, my views aren’t limited to Filipino men.

You’ve been in Manila for 4 years now, huh? Where ’bouts are you from? I hope you’re finding my country tolerable if not enjoyable.

About smoking, it’s still a bad habit I’ll drop soon. Hehehe.

Anyway, thanks for dropping by.

3. The Parody™ » Addictions - 12 November 2006

[…] Humor Me. Good Lung. Bad Lung. Giving up smoking A beginning and an end […]

4. Alexandra cassel - 10 March 2007

i am a young girls doing a report on good and bad lungs and your story really makes me want to just stop people from seling those things and if people didnt smoke unlike you they would live longer and that ia why for one i want my mom and dad to quit and that is why i will never start i woiuld be by far the most dumb thing i could ever do.dont you think so00o?

5. ashlie crose - 6 June 2007

yes smoking is bad and i wish that i have never even started iam very young and now i cant even play sport with out haveing a hard time to breathe smoking is not good for your body.

6. jerry - 22 January 2008

harro i smoke its bad bad is very bad too bad for you dont do it its bad and bad is bad ok? hmmm im eating apple and fish u like?

7. chris - 4 May 2008

hey ya need to quit smokin!…. ooops gotta go… my homeboi gots some maryjane!!! ;D hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

8. Durian - 15 July 2009

I hope everyone has good lungs,strong lungs,beautiful lungs,fresh breath,there is no one smoking a cigarette in the world.

9. Dr. Deep - 25 February 2010

SMOKING IS BAD FOR YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My grandpa used to smoke and now he’s dead!!! My grandma used to smoke, but she quit a long time ago!!!!

Charlie Brown - 25 February 2010

OMG!!! IM so sorry.

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