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MSN & Google Search: Sasha Manuel 29 November 2005

Posted by Sasha in Blogging Gadgets, Blogs & Blogging, The Neo-Blogger.

Ha! I was just curious when I did a search over at MSN. The Parody™ was at number 1 out of 90,827 results and my blog at Multiply came in number 2.

When I tried to google myself, The Parody™ came at number 1 out of 904,000 results, too! Then if you type my name without any space in between, you’ll pull up my Multiply blog at number 1 out of 149 results, which most, if not all, are referring to my multiply blog anyway. Teeheehee.
I’m just happy about it that’s all. Hehehe.



1. Kerry Muir - 13 October 2008

Hi Sasha,

I’m in California and a licensed esthetician and I was reading your blog about using guava on the skin… I have three mature guava trees right outside my door and want to put them to use! How do you use the guava … the fruit itself? or do you make a decoction with the leaves?

inquiring minds want to know!
thanks, – k.

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