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They’re pregnant! 7 February 2006

Posted by Sasha in Family & Friends, The Brooder.

I just learned that my bestfriend from highschool, Mel, is pregnant [February 4 post]! I’m so happy for her and Jon! I sort of know how it means to her and I’m sure when or if she reads this post, of course there’s no pressure, she knows how much I understand her joy about this great news. Knowing what I know and seeing what I’ve seen, though I’ve been on the sideline most of the time, I’m so happy to hear that this amazing little bundle of joy will be part of our lives soon.

They’ve been trying for a while now and I know, well — not from personal experience, that it’s been frustrating and hard for them but God’s so good that prayers have been heard and answered. Oh, Mel. I do wish you the safest and wonderful pregnancy. I can’t wait for September.



1. mEldita - 7 February 2006

Thank you bestfriend… get ready ha… you’ll be one of the ninangs… teehee!

2. theparody - 7 February 2006

if that’ll be the case, first god-child ko sya! hahaha.

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