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My New Boots! 23 February 2006

Posted by Sasha in Philosophy & Paradox, Shoes Shoes Shoes!, Shopping, The Brooder, The Fashionista.


I love it when I go shoe shopping! I love it when I get to go out shopping. Period. But there’s a different sort of satisfaction from finding and buying a new pair of shoes. It’s hard to describe.

I recall telling my brother-in-law a while back how shoe shopping is a really good therapy and to which he only countered that the momentary happiness it brings lasts till you get tired of the shoe thus wanting to buy more shoes. And is extended when you get to wear them for the first few times, I added good naturedly. However, I told him that there’s nothing wrong with wanting to buy more shoes. But he responded further with a lengthy statement about people not in the right financial position to indulge in such expensive therapy. Well, I had to agree with him there but we were just talking about me needing that kind of therapy.

Okay, he did make a good point. The people, who are less fortunate than some, simply cannot go on a shoe shopping binge whenever a need, real or not, arises. We do need some sort of guidance if we are not responsible enough to handle our budget. It can result to a disastrous situation if not well-looked after.

Dear me, I just wanted to celebrate my shoe find. How did I end up talking about money, spending habits and therapy? Heh.



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