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Giving Compliments to Bloggers 13 September 2006

Posted by Sasha in Blogging Gadgets, Blogs & Blogging, The Neo-Blogger, The Rambler.

As a blogger who started with just raw writing skills and mediocre tech skills, I’m amazed with what I’ve learned in the past 2 years. Ack. 2 years?! Who would’ve expected that I’d take blogging this seriously! Hahaha. What started out as random musings documented in my Multiply blog became a growing ripple of conundrums that stretched to a broader spectrum. I found myself plunging into the abyss of amateur blogging at Blogger with a Lifestyle blog and a Dating Blog, both taking on a personal tone on the topics. Then came my Fashion blog with it’s own domain, which fortunately became part of b5media. Catapulting me into the world of problogging.

WTF?! What do I know of HTML, blogging platforms, SEO, template designs and Technorati? But, hey, with a bucket of patience, a barrel of hardwork and with humongous help from Google, I was able to learn enough to survive. Heehee.

But I still do worry about not doing this blogging thingie effectively. [It is work, after all!] 😉

So, when I found out that I’m somewhat using Technorati tags “quite well” at Tops 2 Bottoms, I was so happy! What a compliment! It means I am doing something right. Hahaha. 🙂

And, of course, for every blogger, compliments are not just adjectives directed to physical attributes [uh, cuz we’ve only got machines connecting us?], but, more importantly, it’s the links, i.e. a link post at The Smart PDA to T2B‘s Armani-fied. However, telling us that we write well and we’ve successfully covered a useful topic for you, ranks all the same. Personally, I immensely enjoy seeing you guys leave a comment on my posts. It just shows that you want to interact with me and the rest of the readers of my blog! It’s so cool!

Bloggers are so easy to please, eh? Well, alright — at least, this blogger, that is. Hahaha. [I guess some can be such snobs. Heehee. Don’t worry. I’m one of the nice ones. :)]

So, remember — compliments are always welcome [Hint! Hint!] and keep the comments coming. 😉



1. Rico - 13 September 2006

Thanks for the link love Sash! Together, let’s spread it around! 😉

Here’s a compliment: I ph34r ur l33t fash1on sk1llz! 😮

2. theparody - 14 September 2006

Rico: No worries, mate! 🙂

Uh — what the hell does that mean? Eh.

3. Rico - 14 September 2006

“I fear your your elite fashion skills.” I suggest you read this Wikipedia article for more info. 🙂

4. theparody - 14 September 2006

Rico: Heh. You and your geek lingo. Show off! 😉

5. Easton Ellsworth - 16 September 2006

Scratch others’ backs and they’ll typically scratch yours. Good post.

6. Rico - 16 September 2006

Come back here more often Easton. I guarantee you’ll always like what you see. 😉 ain’t that right Sash?

7. theparody - 16 September 2006

Easton: Glad you think so. Almost fainted that you left a comment! HUGE compliment! Thanks! 🙂

Rico: Uh — you’re probably baised but thanks, nonetheless! Heehee. 😉

8. Tops 2 Bottoms » Quickie Note: Email Subscription - 18 September 2006

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