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A Great Surprise 18 November 2005

Posted by Sasha in Blogs & Blogging, Shopping, The Fashionista, The Neo-Blogger, The Wardrobe.

When I checked my email earlier this afternoon, I found a great surprise. I now have my own fashion blog! Yea, you got that right! My very own, honest-to-goodness blog! It’s courtesy of my dear sis, who’s graciously hosting it. I’m so excited about it. I have yet to finish my first official post but I am working on it. 😉

It came as a surprise because she didn’t say anything about doing something like that for me. And it’s so nice of her to do it. It’s like getting a gift that you really want! And now, I can’t seem to stop playing with it, just like a kid with a new toy. 😀

The new blog’s called Tops2Bottoms and it’s aptly described as “Fashion Blogging From Cool Tops 2 Funky Bottoms” and holds promise of a blogging great time. [I know I’m totally biased about it!] Do check it out!



1. jayvee - 18 November 2005

so this is your personal blog or the other one? 🙂

2. sasha - 18 November 2005

jayvee: hi! yea, this is my new personal blog and the other blog’s a new “serious” blog project. 🙂

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