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The Beach Monger: Port Noarlunga 17 April 2006

Posted by Sasha in Australia, The Beach Monger, The Traveller.

noarlunga Port Noarlunga, South Australia, Australia

One of the most beautiful beaches I’ve seen is this one in Port Noarlunga. On my first visit to Australia, I only got to see this place once but this year, I got to see it twice. It was only that last time did I get to have my photo taken. I want to keep track of all the beaches I’ve been to because I want to document them like this.

I can recall the first time I saw this place, it was windy and a little cold even if it was spring then. They tell me that it’s a great place for body boarding and even, surfing. I haven’t tried either because one, I don’t know how and two, I was chicken shit to wet my toes in the certainly cold surf. I’m sure it’s cold because it’s already cold even when I’m not in it. Ha. It’s a tad bit disappointing though since I am so intrested to give these sports a go. I guess I was just waiting for the “perfect” weather. I know.. excuses. Excuses. Hehehe.

The next visit were just for some strawberry milkshakes at Agatha’s Foodstore and the last one was supposedly for my sister’s birthday lunch at a much recommended Thai resto that offers a great view of the beach and jetty. It didn’t happen. They were only open for dinner, which happened to be like 5 hours away and we were too hungry to even consider waiting. Pffft. Rotten luck. So, yea.. we opted for the nearest Macker’s lunch we can get. Hahaha. But before that I grabbed the opportunity for my beach photo op. Hehehe.

It’s currently ranked at number 2 on my Best Aussie Beach list. It’s only ranked 2nd because I didn’t really get the beach experience I was hoping for but it still is one of the loveliest beaches I’ve ever been to in Australia.



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