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The Church 1 April 2006

Posted by Sasha in Music & Artists, The Frustrated Musician.

cdI recently bought a copy of the album, El Momento Descuidado, of the Australian rock band, The Church. I’ve been listening to it for the last couple of days.

I first took notice of the band when they performed the song, Under the Milky Way, in the Opening Ceremonies for the Commonwealth Games, evenwhen they’ve been around for a couple of decades. I reckon it’s due to the fact that they did have a hard time getting enough PR that’s why they’re not as popular as they should be. Anyway, the song captured the attention of the musician in me. The way they played it then was enchanting. I’m not kidding. I find the lyrics fascinating, here’s a taste:

Sometimes when this place gets kind of empty,
Sound of their breath fades with the light.
I think about the loveless fascination,
Under the milky way tonight.

and so does the lyrics of the song, Almost with You. Well, I reckon it wasn’t just the lyrics, it was actually the entire sound of the song. Even now, I can’t get the song out of my mind.

This album was first released in 2004 so, yea, I’m a couple of years late in buying it. Who cares? I love it. All acoustic. I found out that the album’s title is actually taken from one of the songs in the album, The Unguarded Moment.

So hard
Finding inspiration
I knew you’d find me crying
Tell those girls with rifles for minds
That their jokes don’t make me laugh
They only make me feel like dying
In an unguarded moment

So long
Long between mirages
I knew you’d find me drinking
Tell those men with horses for arms
That their jokes don’t make me bleed
They only make me feel like shrinking
In an unguarded moment

So deep
Deep without a meaning
I knew you’d find me leaving
Tell those friends with cameras for eyes
That their hands don’t make me hang
They only make me feel like breathing

In an unguarded moment

bandSteve Kilbey is one hell of a songwriter and singer. It’s funny that he has a blog, too. Though, I was expecting more poetic entries in it but — oh, well.

So, it has been these four guys who have been keeping me company the past couple of days in my nightly cigarette sessions outside the house. They helped me deal with news about things that would normally throw me off balance. They’ve become a soundtrack of this on-going conversation I am having with myself about honesty, boundaries, principles and — ah, yes.. patience. Life’s more tougher lessons are worth every tear.

Humor me.
What a funny coincidence…
Mad Season
A Day of Music



1. eek - 10 June 2006

I’m glad you found them! Under the Milky Way at the Commonwealth Games was what caught your ear? How wonderful! That really is a beautiful version of the song. Still one of my favourites.

2. theparody - 14 June 2006

If my post isn’t clear enough, let me say it again.. I really am glad I found them! Teeheehee.

Thanks for dropping by, eek. 🙂

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