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What a funny coincidence… 10 March 2006

Posted by Sasha in Music & Artists, The Frustrated Musician.


My brother-in-law, Jeremy, just told me he bought a new CD that he thinks I would love to listen to. It was still in the store’s bag. When I went and looked inside, I found a James Blunt CD. Totally hilarious. He only heard of him because of me, you see. My friend, Jay, knew that I wanted that CD so he sent me a copy of the single – You’re Beautiful, last year. And Jeremy got to listen to it over Christmas and I guess, he liked it, judging from his recent purchase. Hahaha.

The funny coincidence is that I just told you about how I’ve been listening to too much Matchbox 20. Now, I reckon I’ll be listening to a new CD. More music for me. Yay!

It has both a CD [Live in Ireland] and DVD [Live in concert at the BBC] plus some extras, too.

I’ll tell you all about it when I finish listening to it. Meanwhile —

Humor Me.
You’re Beautiful – James Blunt



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