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Australian Open 2006 24 January 2006

Posted by Sasha in Tennis, The Rambler.

I’ve been watching the Australian Open the past few days and I have to admit it’s getting to be pretty addictive. I’m torn between blogging and watching it. I like watching the women’s tennis more than the men. I found it more exciting so far or perhaps I’m just missing most of the men’s tennis anyway that’s why I haven’t seen a really good game. But I hear Nalbandian is doing good.

I caught the 1st set of the women’s quarter final earlier, Sharapova vs. Petrova. It was a good game between the two top Russian players, Sharapova won. I also saw the game where Hingis won over Aussie’s Stosur yesterday. Hardenne beat Davenport a while ago. So, it’ll be Justine Henin-Hardenne vs. Maria Sharapova in the semis while Martina Hingis has yet to face the current 2nd Seed, Kim Clijsters, to determine who advances to the semis.

Yes, I can be a sports nut if I set my mind to it. Hahaha.



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