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The Long Weekend 20 July 2006

Posted by Sasha in Gallivanting Episodes.


After much bugging from a certain person [Oh, you know who you are. Heh.], I now have finished chronicling this weekend’s debauchery. Incidentally, Trini, who had no clue about blogging till that time she laboured a portion of her life mingling with bloggers, is also looking forward to this post. Read on and you’ll probably know why. Hehehe.


My friends called to tell me that we’re going out for coffee. So, I hauled my arse over to 6750 after picking my good friend, Raissa, up in Valero, meeting up with Happy and Marivic. We had pizza and pasta at A Veneto when we realised that we’re actually hungry. It was basically a night filled with a lot of girltalk.

My brother, Arnold, was hitching a ride with me in his car [I borrowed it. Hehehe.] so he joined us for coffee. Wrong move since he was tortured mercilessly about his lovelife or lack thereof — wait! — Or was it blossoming? /winks

I’ve graciously included some photos taken that night. [See image above]

1This is the longest and the most interesting night out of the lot. Hold on a sec. It’s the most interesting night in my life. Full stop. Well, alright — so far. Hahaha.

EDIT: Images on the right are courtesy of Abe‘s Yugatech.

And please don’t mind my pouty lips. No teasing! Hahaha.


First on the itinerary for the night was the Blogger Meet at Italianni’s where I met other bloggers like Abe, Anton, Noel, Angelo, Dickoy and Gail. Markku was there but I wasn’t able to talk to him at all, unfortunately. Of course, Jayvee was there and my cousin, Chris, joined in the ruckus, which was totally cool!

A few of us who stayed behind headed over to UVA for dinner for my dear friend, Trini and I and desserts for the rest. They tried UVA‘s specialty, Choc-Nut Ice Cream. It was then when Rico of Creative Weblogging‘s The Smart PDA, who came with a friend, Nana, joined us. It was a great night spent with people who shared the same passion for blogging. Coolness. And courtesy of Abe‘s new DSLR, we have mementos that you can check out.

Moving on to the most interesting part of the night. This one actually beat my first night in Melbourne!

It was like something taken out of Ian Wright’s VIP Weekends! What can you say about partying VIP style? I mean, complete with bodyguards and all? That’s right! That’s exactly what I had after the Blogger Meet. I ditched my lychee martini at UVA to party at Embassy’s VIP Lounge.

Ella came with a bodyguard and ushered us in. A bit lost at first, it being my first time at the highly discriminating club, now I find myself partying at the VIP Lounge nonetheless! Ha. It was totally weird. I wasn’t used to having the dancefloor cleared out for me so I can dance or to just hold out my cigarette and somebody will light it for me or have a security guy follow you around even if you’re just going to the toilet. Wouldn’t it freak you out? Hahaha. I remember the poor guy who tried to chat me up but got stonewalled, he didn’t stand a chance. What about those people who got shooed off the VIP booth in Embassy because we came back? Dear me.

Come to think of it, I don’t mind being chauffeured by a fully uniformed driver, complete with the hat and all, in a BMW 7-series, hopping from one club to another. Or the fact that you have this whole entourage arriving with you that the crowd over at Citrus can’t miss. Having friends like Sid definitely has its perks even if you’d be forced to move once a certain Senator, alongside a bigger set of entourage, decides to grace that particular club you’re in. Heh. Kidding Sid. Just always remember, you’re the real deal compared to him.

How can I forget this last bit? My Tequila shots and Vodka rocks were completely free! Ack! Even when you offer to pay, they wouldn’t hear it! Sheesh. The principles of the filthy rich, eh? Despicable. Hahaha.

It sucks that I don’t have photos to share.

I got home and hit the sack a little over 8 AM, Sunday. Yes. I’m a certified party animal. Yech. Can you imagine the intense hang-over I suffered when I woke up? It was a wonder I was able to drive my friend, who lives all the way to Laguna, earlier. Gah. I’m running on borrowed time me thinks.


Yes. I still went out even though I had quite a long night. I met up with Jayvee, Rico and Nana at the Old Swiss Inn at Alabang. I missed the fondue. Darnit. I wonder whose fault was it. Hmmm. Anyway, we moved to Petron Alabang, a nearby petrol station, to have some beer and conversation. I didn’t realise how much I missed San Mig Super Dry till then. Too bad they were in cans. Sigh. What did we talk about? Blogging, my crazy VIP party experience, love and cricket. Hahaha. Yea, we kept things simple.

Yes. There’s more! Teeheehee.


I just attended my cousin’s wedding and hung out at the hotel, had Champagne, chips and more food… well — basically bugged the newlyweds. Hahaha. I enjoyed the food immensely. I was just frustrated that I couldn’t eat more than I did. Grrr.

See?! I told you it was a long weekend. Hahaha. I hope you had fun reading as much as I did writing and reminscing it.

~ FIN ~

The Long Weekend



1. chris - 20 July 2006

Grabe, iba ka. Sobrang party animal! Hehehe. Enjoy the good life!

2. fool45 - 20 July 2006

Hey! I didn’t know about the Choc-Nut Ice Cream! Sounds good, I’ll probably try out next time I go there. 🙂

And thanks for indulging me. 😉

3. mel - 20 July 2006

wow… Old Swiss Inn… Next time sama ako, hehehe!!! sa old swiss inn lang (in alabang) 😀

4. Juan Magdaraog - 20 July 2006

Sounds like you really had a fantastic weekend! 🙂 VIP ka pala ha 🙂

5. theparody - 21 July 2006

Chris: Yea — that’s why I’m curious why we haven’t gone out yet. Tell Yeng that I’m still waiting. 😉

Rico: You should! And no worries, I enjoyed sharing it anyway. Plus! I always keep my promises. 🙂

Mel: Tara! Let’s make a night out of it with the rest of the gang. Hahaha.

Dickoy: Yes, I did, didn’t I? Hahaha. No, I’m just friends with the true VIP. Simple lang ako. 😉

6. Pinoy Bloggers Meetup Two [rebelpixel productions] - 24 July 2006

[…] I finally got to meet and talk Ricky Manzano, a household name in Filipino blogrolls for several years now. Due to the quirky position of our table at Italianni’s, it wasn’t exactly easy to chat with everyone. I wasn’t able to talk much with Juan, Noel, Sasha and her friend Trini. I had a bit of photography talk with Chris and Anton, and lots of WordPress chat plus blogging chika with Gail, Marc, and Arelle while Anne tried to take photos of me, again! Jayvee’s brother Angelo was also there and happily talking about his new gig blogging NBA news for b5media. […]

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