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Lonelygirl15 Videos, The New Soap? 17 September 2006

Posted by Sasha in The Rambler.

I got hooked! Hahaha.

If you really know me, I’m really not a big fan of watching YouTube videos. Too busy doing other things. But I noticed that there’s this buzz around the web about the said Lonelygirl15 videos so I decided to check what it was all about.

Ack. I thought I’d watch just one but I ended up watching it from beginning to the last installment [or was it?] Hahaha.

I’d like to tell you what it was all about but I just can’t find the right way to describe it without rambling on. Let me just let you in on what I think are the highlights of the “soap”. Heehee.

  • Doe-eyed Bree
  • Daniel, “the friend”
  • P. Monkey [P stands for “Purple”]
  • “Proving Science Wrong”
  • And Bree’s Dad

Of course, since the video’s are home-made and the whole thing certainly seemed like a video web diary of a young girl, the millions who have viewed them thought the videos to be “real” but in reality, it’s just an experiment done by 3 friends on a different approach in storytelling.

It was only last week when the creators announced what the videos are. It caused some negative feedback from some viewers even if the videos weren’t really intended to deceive their viewers. I reckon it just shows how the actors and the creators made everything “believable”.

If this is the new trend for soaps, it’s far better than the ones on TV since it’s interactive. [Yea, the creators incorporate viewer feedback onto the succeeding episodes. Cool, eh?]

I’ll leave you with the link to the last video I watched. [Since WordPress wouldn’t allow me to leave an embed thingie here. =P ]



1. Dating Dames - 17 September 2006

[…] It’s one of the popular Lonelygirl15 videos. [I just blogged about it over at my personal blog.] Heehee. I just found it to be a really cute way of documenting this part in the whole figuring-things-out-stage in relationships that’s why I wanted to share it with you guys. […]

2. Rico - 17 September 2006

Ahhh…. something you can now do, now that you have DSL. I guess this is a perfect time to say “Welcome to teh internets” once again! 😀

3. theparody - 17 September 2006

Rico: Heh. You’re finding every excuse to use that “statement” on me. Pah. Anyway, do you plan to check out Bree? Heehee. 🙂

4. Yvonne - 17 September 2006

Awwww, I’m still stuck on dial-up, Rico =(

Anyway, I watched a smidgen of one of ‘Bree’s’ videos the other day, and then that Daniel/Danny whatever-his-name on one of his videos. I really can’t understand what was so fascinating about the girl … maybe I need to watch a bit more? :/

5. theparody - 17 September 2006

Yvonne: About the videos, I watched it not because of the girl, it’s cuz of the story — what’s gonna happen next kinda thing — for pure fun. Heehee. 🙂 If you have time, maybe you should. 😉

6. Rico - 22 September 2006

Well, I wouldn’t be surprised if the reason was because she’s a lesbo. You know how Americans are with lesbos….

Omg Sasha, lonelygirl15 actually appeared on The Tonight Show! 😮

7. Rico - 22 September 2006

Oh, bad news girls… I just discovered LonelyGirl15 was a setup: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ds50e4HIhMU

8. theparody - 22 September 2006

Rico: LOL. 😉

9. Rico - 22 September 2006

Whoops! Only now did I read the latter half ot eh post properly. *blush*

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