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On Moving and other changes.. 9 September 2006

Posted by Sasha in Mood Notes, The Brooder.

I just got settled [sort of..] in a new place. It’s a place that I’d like to call my “bachelor” pad. Hehehe.

I’ve been packing and un-packing — moving my arse around — so much that it’s becoming funny. It makes me feel like I’m a nomad.

But I’m seeing this as an opportunity to be more grounded and sane. Perhaps it will do me a whole lot of good, now that I’m in a different place. I’m hoping that it’ll provide a new perspective in my life.

And oh, it comes with a perk… I’m now on ADSL. Heeheehee. 😉



1. mel - 10 September 2006

where are you? walang “bachelor’s” pad warming? hehehe

2. theparody - 10 September 2006

Mel: Still in Manila [you know where]. That’s a good idea. Any excuse to party! Hahaha. Hush-hush na lang baka di tayo magkasya sa “pad” pero kunsabagay, we can move the party up to the roofdeck as long as it won’t rain!!! BYOB! Hehehe. I’ll just supply the Boy Bawang and Crisps. So, should I start sending out the invites? 😉

3. chris - 11 September 2006

congrats on your new home!
invite mo ako sa housewarming mo, i’ll bring my 350D, portable strobes, and we can make it a fashion shoot for you and your pretty friends 🙂 make sure trinny’s there. hehe.

4. theparody - 11 September 2006

Chris: OMG. You, too?! It seems like Trini’s a hit everywhere she goes! Hahaha. Thanks, cuz. The place isn’t all that so it really wouldn’t merit a “housewarming” thing, it’ll be too cramped. Mommy might throw a fit if I do decide to throw even just a *small* party. Hahaha. 😉

5. Rico - 11 September 2006

Congrats Sash, welcome to teh internets! Now you have no more excuse to work and send me files, mwahahaha! 😉 Throw the party nalang sa “coffeehouse” right across…

6. theparody - 11 September 2006

Rico: I shall now corrupt cyberspace with my endless chatter and *aherm* vain-y photos — MORE than usual, that is. Hehehe. Yea, they serve a shot of Bailey’s in your drink for only 25 pesos and they do have lots of cake choices. Plus we can buy booze next door. Heehee. I’m gonna go broke though. What if people start crashing the party since it’s being held in a “not-so-private” place? Eeek.

I still vote for the BYOB thing. 😉

7. Jonas - 11 September 2006

Congrats on the bachelor’s pad and the ADSL! Hope it’s in a good location. I’m in Cityland Pasong Tamo and the past week’s rain resulted in… (what else?) floods! Ack! 😦

8. theparody - 11 September 2006

Jonas: Thanks! 🙂 I’m still in Paranaque and thank God we don’t have them floods here. Heehee. You just reminded me of my experience with last friday’s downpour. I was planning to blog about it, uh — yesterday! Hahaha. So, will you be coming to my party?! 😉

9. Jonas - 11 September 2006

Make it a weekend and I just might. Ha ha ha! 😀

10. theparody - 12 September 2006

Jonas: Cool!! I’ll check my schedule and see if this Saturday’s free. I’ll be expecting you! Don’t forget — BYOB! Heehee. 🙂

11. mel - 12 September 2006

d pa ko nakakatikim ng boy bawang… hehe! sundo mo ko pag natuloy party… kaso i either have to bring my hospital bag with me or the baby… hahaha!!!

12. theparody - 12 September 2006

Mel: Hahaha! Sure! That can work. Heehee. You’ll be bringing a different kind of bottle, just in case. Imagine… a very pregnant Mel out partying! That’ll be a million-dollar photo. What will Jon say?! 😉

13. Jonas - 12 September 2006

Sure! 🙂

14. theparody - 13 September 2006

Jonas: Yaay! 🙂

15. neil @ inactualfact.com - 13 September 2006

“Bachelor Pad”?

That’s, that’s shocking!

16. theparody - 13 September 2006

Neil: Hahaha. Very funny. You know what I mean. Heh. Pffft. 🙂

17. Connie - 18 September 2006

Independence is a good thing. I admire young people who manage to live on their own.

18. theparody - 18 September 2006

Connie: I agree. It’s too bad that it’s not a common thing, which young people do in our country, huh? 😦

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