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Philippine Top 100 Blogs on Technorati 20 August 2006

Posted by Sasha in Blogs & Blogging, The Neo-Blogger.

Reading Abe’s post on the topic, I found out that my fashion blog isn’t included on the list. Curious thought. Getting a PR6 on Tops 2 Bottoms didn’t help it one bit, eh? Oh, well. Perhaps my stats didn’t do well.

Blog ranking of the Pinoy blogs is based on how they fare on Technorati. So I went ahead and double checked my current ranking at the said site.

Lo and behold! Will you look at my stats —> Rank: 14,521 (224 links from 158 blogs)

Huh. I guess there’s an oversight, eh? I would’ve ranked 30th had they included me. I wonder how Light the Torch will do? It has twice as much links than that of my fashion blog. Hahaha. If only Technorati will let me claim it. Grrr.

So, yea — my two, not badly ranked by technorati, blogs aren’t on the list. Right. I’m griping about it. Ha. 😉

Oh, I have a theory — perhaps they think I’m not Filipino enough? Hahaha.

Go figure.

Side note: Happy for my sister for making it to #3. Utter coolness. 🙂 🙂 🙂

UPDATE: Tops 2 Bottoms is now ranked #30 on the list! Thanks, Abe! 🙂



1. yuga - 20 August 2006

Sash, I only know this blog not the other one. I have added you on the list na rin. 🙂 Thanks!

2. angelo - 20 August 2006
3. theparody - 21 August 2006

Abe: Eeek. That’s a nice surprise. Thanks. Don’t worry about it. I knew that there was a reason. 🙂

Angelo: Awww. Tell Abe! I left him a comment on his post. I’m sure he’ll make the necessary adjustments. 🙂

4. angelo - 21 August 2006

I left a comment na

5. theparody - 21 August 2006

Angelo: Good on you! 🙂

6. Rico - 24 August 2006

Wait… The Smart PDA has 982 links to its credit. So I’d be number 4, just behind your ate Shai. 🙂

7. angelo - 24 August 2006

I’m not there yet =( Maybe Abe hasn’t seen my comment yet? =( =(

8. Ron - 25 August 2006

how about my blog?



crap. it’s the sign of the times.

9. angelo - 25 August 2006

Abe said I need to claim NBA Obsessed at technorati. Been having trouble doing so for days now =( I’m bugging Scott to do an embed claim. Hope it works.

10. theparody - 25 August 2006

Angelo: Good luck on the claim thingie. I’m not getting any help with mine, Light the Torch. 😦

Rico: Good on you, mate! 🙂

11. Rico - 25 August 2006

Thanks, fair lass. 🙂

Ange, how much control do you have over your blog? Can you make changes the sidebar and stuff?

12. angelo - 25 August 2006

Sasha: Thanks

Rico: I can’t change those stuff. That'[s why everytime I have a new poll I need to mail my CE. It’s a bit harder to get a reply from him compared to the old one for some reason… Sometimes I wish Sasha was my CE =p

13. angelo - 25 August 2006

Scott did the embed claim for me and it worked yay! By the way my stats are way better than what I said earlier. It’s now 14,728 ( 195 links from 158 sites)

14. Ron - 25 August 2006

i tried the claim thing as well and it didn’t work. something about technorati can’t contact my blog… im an idiot. any smart people out there?

15. angelo - 25 August 2006

Ron: do an embed claim. if you do not have access to edit the html of your b5 blog give the code to Scott. He will do it for you. It worked for me.

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