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Step Up 12 August 2006

Posted by Sasha in Films, The Rambler.

I’ve always loved dancing. Either performing, clubbing, or as a form of exercise. That’s why I love watching movies about anything that involves the art, i.e. Dirty Dancing, Honey, Centerstage, Save the Last Dance. So, whenever there’s a movie out that includes dancing in it, I’m surely inclined to watch it.

Enters a new movie coming up, Step Up.

I came across it when I saw a Sean Paul video a few days ago, which showcased some clips from the movie and, of course, it certainly piqued my interest. Hehehe. I knew I had to see the movie but the downside was that I didn’t know when it’s gonna hit the theatres here in Manila.

So, the ever impatient me, I googled it to find out more and I was also hoping to find the trailer. Ha. My search didn’t end in vain. Thanks to apple.com, not only did I watch the trailer, it also led me to the movie’s website so I learned bits more about it. Guess what? It’s now playing — elsewhere. Pffft.

That Channing Tatum is one fine thing. Yummy. The eyes, those lips and that body… he’s the shizzle. A certified hottie! And man, can he move! /sighs Okay. Okay. I’ll stop drooling now. Heh. Well, he also starred in the Samuel L. Jackson movie about basketball, Coach Carter, last 2005 and the last movie I saw him in was the one he did with Amanda Bynes, She’s The Man.

Anyway, I’m hoping the movie comes out this week. If it does, you can bank on it that I’ll be queueing up at the nearest ticket booth and yea, I’ll definitely let you know how it fares. That is, if you’re interested. Hehehe.

Meanwhile, I suggest that you check out the trailer and watch out for that cute little kid who shushed Channing at a ballet class — it cracked me up. 🙂



1. Ron - 12 August 2006

I just wanna say Topshop had a private sale yesterday and by invitation only. But now they’re really on sale up to 50% off. bought some at topman. You should check it out. they have some cool stuff. and a lot of pretty girls.. 😀

2. fool45 - 13 August 2006

Hey, I’ve never seen you dance. What’s your specialty? 🙂

3. theparody - 13 August 2006

Ron: Ok. That was pretty off-topic but thanks nonetheless. I’ll make sure to find a way and check them out, uh — Topshop, I mean. Hahaha. 🙂

Rico: I do a mean chicken dance. Hahaha. 😉 Well, I can’t really say I specialise on any dance in particular but I do love modern jazz and hiphop. 🙂

4. fool45 - 13 August 2006

The vision of you doing the chicken dance rips through my brain, searing irreplaceable neurons, denting my significant intelligence. I’d rather much see you dance modern jazz and hip-hop nga, haha!

So do you specialize in bootay shakin? 😉

5. theparody - 14 August 2006

Rico: I thought I said that I don’t have any speciality? Pffft. Well, alright — it’s actually pole & lap dancing. Hahahaha.

Please don’t take me seriously!! Hahaha. 😉

6. Melissa Atienza-Petri - 20 August 2006


don’t you just love Liz?! 🙂

7. theparody - 20 August 2006

Melissa: Are you referring to ME Liz? Then my answer would be YES, I do love Liz. Hehehe. 😉

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