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“It’s Like Open Mic Only Different” 11 August 2006

Posted by Sasha in Blogs & Blogging, The Neo-Blogger.

Hanging out at Liz’s was sure loads of fun!

I was just talking to her about how much I agree with her 10 reasons why readers don’t leave comments and how much I wish my readers would just talk to me that same day when she told me that I should hang with them. It’s quite a novel thing really and it was a great place to meet interesting people.

I met Ben who knows where Basil is, Wendy who offers women some blogjolt, Chris who, I heard, has a gorgeous wife, Becky who supplied the drinks that night, and I know I’ve forgotten some people. Sorry.

Can you imagine just how much comments there were that day? 464 comments, man! Now, that’s what I call a blog with a voice — uh, several at that. Hahaha.

Twas a great time. I really had fun. So, if you have time next Tuesday night [uh, around 8-ish AM my time], head on over to Liz’s SOB, and jump in. Everyone is welcome!



1. Ben Yoskovitz - 13 August 2006

Hi Sasha!

Thanks for the link to Where Is Basil … and I’m glad you had fun at open mic … I’ve been there a few times, it’s a blast each and every time.

Good luck to you…

2. theparody - 13 August 2006

Ben: No problem and thanks! I’ll try to be there next time. I wish you [and Basil] the best, too! 🙂

3. Chris Cree - 14 August 2006

Hey Sasha!

Glad to have you join our crazy little band!

Oh, and you can find a photo of Gorgeous at one of her sites here to you can judge for yourself.

But I definitely think I married up! 😉


4. theparody - 14 August 2006

Chris: Hi back! Thanks! 🙂 I’m checking her out and will report back ASAP. Hehehehe. Thanks for dropping by, too!

5. wendypiersall - 14 August 2006

Thanks for the link love Sasha! Now, please tell me, because I just don’t understand…. Why, oh WHY are the ’80’s fashions coming back? I was SO happy to put them to rest 16+ years ago!!! 😥

But in your infinite fashion wisdom, you MUST know why this is happening to us?!?! Do tell!! 😉

6. theparody - 14 August 2006

Wendy: No problem, Wendy! 🙂

About your query on the 80s fashion revival… my guess would be because the designers behind the industry today grew up during that era, hence, becoming their major influence.

Don’t worry, though. I think it’s way better than the 90s grunge look, don’t you think? Hahaha. 😉

7. wendypiersall - 15 August 2006

Yes – but it will become a vicious cycle! Soon the grunge look will come back – and then where will we be?! 😉

8. theparody - 15 August 2006

Wendy: I reckon I’d find you telling all the stuff you mentioned in comment#5 but instead of the 80s fashion revival, it’s gonna be 90s grunge… Hahahaha. Yes, come to think of it — it is vicious.

9. Becky McCray - 19 August 2006

Sasha, hope you enjoyed the drinks, and hope to see you again at another open mic event!

10. theparody - 20 August 2006

Becky: Hi! I did even if there weren’t any Stellas. Hahaha. 😉 Looking forward to my next event. Be seeing you and thanks for dropping by. 🙂

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