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Funny Fan eMail 7 August 2006

Posted by Sasha in Blogs & Blogging, The Neo-Blogger, The Rambler.

Last week, I received my very first fan email. My friend and I actually made a joke out of it cuz it means I have a fan club. Get it? Not plural? Heh. I give up. I can never pass as a comedian no matter how hard I work on it. Well, it was funny when we were talking about it. Pffft.

Moving on.

I found it funny because it went like this:

Dear Sasha,

Who am I? I’m a dreamer and a brooder. I’m a
technologist and a computer security consultant. I’m
also a public policy wonk, to boot.

Read your blogs. You write too much, but that’s OK.
I’m visiting Manila from Aug. 11 to Aug. 17. Would
like to buy you a chill pill at a cafe near you. Just
pick your poison– it’s on me!


Crikey! Did he honestly think I’d go out and meet a total stranger? Eeek. So I said no, politely. I did offer to correspond with him but, of course, I needed to know certain things, i.e. which blogs were he reading, where he was from, why he wants to meet me in person, etc. Twasn’t like I gave him the third degree, I didn’t. Hahaha.

Uh-oh. What if he reads this blog? Or – or — he bumps into me while he’s here in Manila? Eeek.

/bites her fingernails

Pffft. Yea, right. Like that would really scare me. Heh.



1. Jonas - 8 August 2006

Well, at least you have a fan instead of a troll. 😀

2. theparody - 8 August 2006

Jonas: Hahaha. Good point! I wouldn’t want that!

3. Jonas - 8 August 2006

I’ve been through several now and it’s a pain. 😀

4. angelo - 8 August 2006


5. theparody - 9 August 2006

Jonas: I feel bad for you but I’m sure you were superb in handling them trolls. The price of stardom, eh? 😉

Angelo: It was a little. Hahaha.

6. Kharen - 9 August 2006

Thanks for sharing Sasha. Hmmm. It’s interesting having a fan club like that 🙂 Means you’ve broken through or something. It’s one thing having people go back to read your blogs. It’s another actually having someone offering to buy you stuff, meet you personally.

Bit scary though .. Just let your good judgement guide you when dealing with a fan. Good Luck!

7. theparody - 9 August 2006

Kharen: Hahaha. Thanks. But I really don’t think of this guy as a fan. So I don’t think I’ve broken through anything. It’s a cool thought, though. 🙂

8. fool45 - 10 August 2006

Whatever, you’re just making up this story to…*whack* *troll mode deactivated* Maybe he wants you to “pick your poison” coz he’s under the impression your a wild woman who likes to partah! 😉 hehehehe. This guy a fellow Filipino or a foreigner? Just curious ate. 😀

9. theparody - 11 August 2006

Rico: Ha. In your own opinion, do you think I’m a “wild woman who likes to partah”? Lil’ol’me? I’m not entirely sure how to answer your question because he was a bit vague about his person himself. You’ll never be entirely sure with people like these… he can just be trying to con me for all I know! Hahaha.

BTW, You’re too sweet to ever be a troll. Hahaha.

10. fool45 - 11 August 2006

No, I know better than to think your a wild child. 😛 For all you know, he could be the one, or this guy. 😮

11. Jonas - 11 August 2006

Well, I lambasted them in a comic strip. Certainly gave me material for a few comic strips. 🙂

12. Ron - 11 August 2006

I get emails from girls like this all the time.

13. theparody - 11 August 2006

Rico: WTF?! Gunther again?1? I really am starting to believe that you’re in-love with the guy! Wahahaha! 😉

Jonas: Comic strip? Really? Where? Where? Where? 🙂

Ron: Sure, Ron. Never doubted that for a moment. Pffft.

14. Jonas - 11 August 2006
15. theparody - 11 August 2006

Jonas: Thanks for the links! I enjoyed getting to know your twoll. Hehehe.

“Mayabang ka, Stephen!”

Heeheehee 😉

16. Jonas - 11 August 2006

Well, in my defense I did try to be civilized…at first. 😉

17. theparody - 12 August 2006

Jonas: Hahaha. 🙂 At least, you had the heart to turn something so negative to something funny and can be enjoyed by all! Twas really constructive and productive of you. 🙂

18. Jonas - 12 August 2006

Well you know what they say when life gives you lemonades…carry a big stick. Or something like that. 🙂

19. theparody - 12 August 2006

Jonas: OMG. That’s a tad bit confusing… Hahaha. 😉

20. Jeromeskee - 16 August 2006

your so popular miss sasha 😉

21. theparody - 16 August 2006

Jay: Pffft. You know it’s not true. Ha. 😉 Hey, I haven’t heard from you for a while now. Hope you’re doing alright, man! 🙂

22. Jeromeskee - 20 August 2006

hey amiga! nothing much goin on down here in melb, except its bloody cold. been a while since ive checked the oh so popular parody!

23. theparody - 20 August 2006

Jay: Anuba. You’re making me blush. Naks. When is Melbourne NOT cold? Brrr. I’m cold just thinking about it. Heh. 😉 Better come down and enjoy the warmth of Manila, mate! Uh — it’s a tad bit rainy but it’s still a definite change from you’re oh-so-cold winter! Muahahaha. [Yes, I’m rubbing it in. Tsssch.]

24. jeromeskee - 27 August 2006

stop making me jealous of tales of warm weather and rain lol..
have you pimped my aussie in manila wif ya gfs and contacts lol…
hey there was a massive sale on bridge road you missed out 😛

25. theparody - 27 August 2006

Jay: Darnit. You made me think of that top I wanted to buy! Arrggh! Pimp you?! But you know my friends are too good for you. Muahahaha. 😉 Get your arse here AND I’ll set you up. Hahaha. 🙂

26. jeromeskee - 30 August 2006

yeah you missed out. i was just messing about pimpin my arse..
im more interested in a good chilax ( chill out n relax ) opportunity.
hows this fan of yours? be careful now.

27. theparody - 4 September 2006

Jay: Whatever. Heh. Uh — what fan? Read, Jay, R-E-A-D! Hahaha. You know I’m always careful. 😉

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