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Harry Potter Marathon 5 August 2006

Posted by Sasha in Films, The Rambler.

Earlier this week, my brother influenced me to watch all four of the Potter films. Believe me, I’m not one of those who would clamor bookshops to buy the latest release. I wasn’t even inclined to watch the movie when the first one came out. Come to think of it, neither did I for the succeeding ones. I only got to watch them on HBO or DVD.

Monday, it was The Sorcerer’s Stone. Tuesday, it was The Chamber of Secrets. Then, finally, last Wednesday, it was the last two, The Prisoner of Azkaban and The Goblet of Fire.

It was because he got hooked on the Harry Potter eBooks he found online. He’s been reading it at work. Imagine, by Wednesday, he was halfway through with the third book. Geez. I had to ask him if he still manages to get any work done.

“Work? What work?” he laughingly told me. Don’t get me wrong, he’s just the type who gets bored easily if his tasks are easy. He’s a software engineer. Bright kid, I tell you. [Can’t you tell that I’m a proud sis? Hehehe.]

Anyway, now I think I’m infected with the bug. I think I want to read the books. Ack.



1. mel - 6 August 2006


I got turned off with harry potter book 1 when I saw it from my sis, yung hardbound pa! It was so heavy e ako pa naman i like reading nakahiga. First page pa lang i gave up na. Then I was able to get an ebook version of books 1-3, ayun! I got hooked din and the fun part, I can read it anywhere: office, car (syempre passenger ako), cr (hehehe), and before going to sleep (d ko na problem ang ilaw!). Even the 4th and 5th one sa PDA ko din lang binasa. The 6th one straight from the book ko na binasa since I can’t wait for it and wala na pala akong PDA, hahaha!!! Can’t wait for the last book… SUPER BITIN ANG 6!

2. fool45 - 6 August 2006

Hehe, those are the games authors play to draw you in. 😉

3. theparody - 6 August 2006

Mel: I’m pretty old-fashioned. I like paperbacks. Besides, I don’t have a PDA. Hahaha.

Rico: Games? I’m confused…

4. fool45 - 10 August 2006

You know, like how TV shows are written to provide cliffhangers just before each ad break. That’s a game TV plays to keep you watching. In the case of Harry Potter, Rowling keeps you wanting more, so that you’ll rush out to buy book 7 when it’s released. 🙂

5. theparody - 11 August 2006

Rico: Oh. Well, it’s been promised that there WILL be a conclusion to the series soon, right? 🙂

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