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Purple, Black and Blue 2 August 2006

Posted by Sasha in Mood Notes, The Brooder.

Purple is the colour of royalty. Black is the colour of sophistication. And Blue is the colour of loyalty. These three colours are such lovely hues seen all around us.

Purple flowers.

Black sky studded with stars like twinkling diamonds.

Blue sea.

Memories from places I’ve seen floods my mind. I need these memories. They remind me that life is beautiful. These colours are meant to be beautiful.

Even if they’re not so attractive when left on your skin. They cease to be royal, sophisticated and loyal like they’re meant to be.



1. Connie - 2 August 2006

Purple and blue are my favorite colors! Purple also refers to spirituality (though I can hardly say that I’m a spiritual person). And people who like the color purple have impeccable taste daw. Gee!


2. angelo - 2 August 2006

Blue is my favorite but I also like purple. I don’t drive but there’s something about a purple car that I find cool hehe

3. theparody - 3 August 2006

Connie: I didn’t know that. 🙂 Good on people who love that colour then!

Angelo: Blue is one of my favourite colours. Green, too. And I also loved that deep purple colour on a Honda Accord. 🙂

4. chris your cuz - 3 August 2006

hmmm. sounds dramatic, and potentially, God forbid, tragic. what’s the story behind the post? if it’s too private, my email is always open.

5. theparody - 3 August 2006

Chris: Glad to know that I’m free to talk to you when I need to, cuz. 🙂 I reckon we need a bit of drama in our lives [even if mine is turning into a cheesy soap. Gah.], don’t you think? 😉 Well, I think you can guess the story behind the post.

And hey, it means a lot that you left a note. It shows your concern. Much appreciated. 🙂

6. chris - 6 August 2006

take it easy cuz.

7. theparody - 12 August 2006

Chris: Yes, I will. I’m chillin’ 😉

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