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I’m such a stupid idiot! 28 July 2006

Posted by Sasha in Mood Notes, The Rambler.

Okay. Darnit. I’ve been around computers for more than 15 years — that’s, like, more than half my life — and for the past 3 days, the machine and I had this quirky love-hate relationship and I ended up wanting to kick myself [yes, not the computer!].

I started noticing some weird characters showing up whenever I punch certain keys, i.e. “1” – the date and time appears, “A” – the currency symbol, , comes with it, etc, and the weirdest thing that ever happened was when I’d punch the “Tab”, it’ll shut the computer down! It was disastrous!

So, I’ve bugged my brother, my cousin and even, Rico, to help me fix it [and all three on the last day]. On the first day, I spent 14 hours downloading and updating my Anti-virus and Ad blocker. I’ve run to and from my cousin’s house to use his DSL connection for faster download time cuz, sadly, I’m still on dial-up. On the second day, I probably checked, cleaned and restarted the friggin’ PC gazillion times that I grew sick of it. On the third day [yesterday] I didn’t let up till my brother gave in to format the sucker. I feel bad cuz he was in dire need of sleep since he hasn’t been getting much lately.

So there we were, him, fixing it and me, supervising. Ha. I was happily anticipating the outcome of the project since I knew it will definitely end my problem. There wasn’t much I can do but wait so I went to a late dinner at Sinangag Express in BF with two people who’ve mistakenly replaced Sinangag with Sinigang. On separate occasions. Hahaha.

When I got home, my brother updates me on how everything turned out and yes — surprise, surprise! — it’s not fixed.

Aaarrrgggh! Nooooo! Kill me, please!!!

But wait. Solution to the problem was quite simple, he said. Buy a new keyboard.

Whaaat??!? That’s it?! Focusing a venomous stare on the monitor, “Who’s the sucker now, eh?” The computer mocks me.

I didn’t need to have spent all those days, errr — nights, waiting for those 1-hour downloads to finish? [but having an updated security software helps me sleep better] or missing out on precious work time? [I’m no workaholic, mind you] OR us formatting the computer? GAH. Goodbye files. Your early demise was all in vain.

At least the computer looks clean, my brother said cheerfully. Oh, the poor thing. He lost sleep doing what I asked him to do. Sigh.

I can only laugh and call myself a stupid idiot. Heh.

So now, I’m back online and tapping my fingers on a brand new keyboard that my brother bought earlier. Halleluiah! I’ve been gone long enough. 😉



1. mel - 28 July 2006

i could just imagine arnold’s face during the time when you’re harassing him… hehehe… ang kulit nyo pa namang dalawa!

what i hate about formatting is transferring all files from one computer to another and transferring it back again. specially when you have more than 20gig of files to backup, hahahaha!!!

o well, at least your computer’s like a virgin again… hehehehe… with a new set of keys! hahaha!!!

2. theparody - 28 July 2006

Mel: That REALLY cracked me up, man! Hahaha.

I didn’t do a back up. Well — not much, anyway. Twas mainly photos I downloaded straight from the camera and a few documents, that’s it. I think our “back up disc” only took up 92MB. We didn’t even fill up a friggin’ CD! Heh. Unbelievable. I lost all my bookmarked sites! Waaah. What sucked more was downloading and installing programs that I use like Firefox, Photoshop, Skype, Picasa… Ah, well. It’s all done now. THANK GOD!

By the way, want to know how I did it? Kulitin si Arnold, I mean? I tickled him like crazy AND that’s his weakness. He’s soooo ticklish! Hahaha. 🙂

3. Ron - 2 August 2006

i guess im lucky i’m not your brother 😀

4. theparody - 3 August 2006

Ron: Is it because you wouldn’t want to fix the computer for me or the part about being tickle-tortured?

5. fool45 - 4 August 2006

You know what? I should’ve realized that we could have changed the keyboard muna. Anyways, mel’s right: enjoy the unspoiled status of your computer! 😉

PS: Only Jayvee mixes up sinigang and sinangag. :-p

6. theparody - 5 August 2006

Rico: You did, too. I heard it on your trial podcast that Jayvee made me listen to and you said it in the car!!!

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